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Goblin cave
Goblin Cave
Release date Unknown edit
Kingdom Kandarin
Members area Yes
Main music Goblin Game
Levels 1
Strongest monster Bouncer
Dwarf multicannon Allowed
Quests Land of the Goblins
Inhabitants/Race Goblins
Goblin Cave map

The Goblin cave, currently only denoted as a Dungeon (with icon tool tips enabled) on the World Map, is a dungeon filled with goblins located east of the Fishing Guild and south of Hemenster. Some are aggressive no matter what level players are. The cave is exited through a mud pile.

After the Land of the Goblins quest, a Plain of Mud Sphere may be used to teleport here.

The secret Goblin Temple is located in the north part of the cave. The stairs leading to it are guarded by 2 goblin guards who will allow a player to pass only as a goblin after drinking a goblin potion. The temple is heavily involved in the Land of the Goblins quest, as well as the Goblin High Priest miniquest that follows it.




  • Searching the crates and boxes in this cave will cause any nearby monsters to become aggressive, including any spiders, rats, chickens, or goblins that were found in the crates.

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