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The Goblin is located in Lumbridge, and he harasses a man for a bronze sword. If you attempt to talk to this goblin, you will talk to the man instead and learn of their dispute. The player then has a choice to attack the goblin or solve the problem diplomatically. If you choose to fight him, he will show a combat level (level: 1) and fight back with melee. He has 40 Life points. He never moves away from his spot voluntarily, but it is unknown whether the special attack of the dragon spear or the Zamorakian spear, Shove, work on him. If you run away and come back to talk, the dialogue will not be changed but he would still be in his combat form.

There is currently a bug that allows players to kill another player's goblin. If you kill someone else's goblin, your goblin will disappear, but somehow you can still talk to him. Logging out and back in solves this problem, and it counts as you having chosen to attack the goblin.

If you try to attack the goblin with magic, you will melee instead. It is unknown whether this is a bug.


  • Despite the fact that the goblin harasses a man for a bronze sword, if you use a bronze sword on him, the chatbox will still show the message "Nothing interesting happens."
  • You could attack and kill someone else's goblin even after you have finished the task.
  • Attacking him has the pre-Evolution of Combat hitsplats.

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