Gnome baller

Yellow gnome baller

Orange gnome baller

Red gnome baller
Release date 28 January 2003 (Update)
Race Gnome
Members Yes
Quest NPC No
Location(s) Tree Gnome Stronghold's Gnome Ball Pitch
Sells items No
Gender Male
Examine A professional gnome baller.
Gnome baller location

Gnome Ballers are gnomes found in the Tree Gnome Stronghold Gnome Ball pitch. If a player competes in Gnome Ball, the gnome ballers can tackle or pass to them, much like another player.

The colour of their clothing represents their skill level. Certain gnomes are more likely to successfully tackle the player. Gnomes that have red clothing have the highest chance of successfully tackling the player. Gnomes with orange clothing have a little bit of a lower chance, and the ones wearing yellow are least likely to succeed tackling a player.

Between the gnomeballers are two Gnome wingers who wear a green outfit.