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Gnome Village Dungeon
Gnome village dungeon
Kingdom Kandarin
Members area Yes
Main music Bolrie's Diary
Levels 1
Strongest monster Hobgoblin
Dwarf multicannon Yes
Quests Waterfall Quest, Roving Elves, The Path of Glouphrie and The Prisoner of Glouphrie
Inhabitants/Race Gnomes and Goblins
Gnome Village Dungeon map
Click the map to view a larger version.
Tree Gnome Village map

The entrance to the dungeon is at the red exclamation point.

The Gnome Village Dungeon is beneath the Tree Gnome Village. Its surface entrance is in the maze just south of the main village area.

The dungeon features in several quests, as it is the source of Glarial's pebble which is needed in some quests. Players occasionally train on the Hobgoblins found in this dungeon.

Maps of the dungeonEdit

Golrie's caveEdit

1 - Ladder to the surface.
2 - Level 40 hobgoblins.
3 - Golrie.
4 - Level 27 giant bats.
5 - Level 13 zombies.
6 - Crate with key to Golrie's cell.
7 - Passage to Yewnock's cave in the dungeon.

Most of the time, Golrie will be in the cell in the north-west. To talk to him, you will need the key to his cell, which is in the crate in the north-east chamber. Once you've freed him, in one quest you will find him outside the cell with the hobgoblins that were guarding him locked up. Later, the hobgoblins will again be outside with Golrie locked in the cell.

Yewnock's cave Edit

7 - Passage from Golrie's cave in the dungeon.
8 - Main chamber. This has large and small monoliths, which the player must occasionally push aside to reach portions of the chamber. There are several chests here which hold items used in The Path of Glouphrie quest. The mahogany chest near the centre of the chamber contains the strongroom key which unlocks Yewnock's strongroom to the west. The mahogany chest itself is locked and must be opened with a key found in one of the other chests.
This chamber also contains a Singing bowl, which can be used to make a Crystal chime from a Crystal saw or a Small crystal seed. (This bowl cannot make a crystal saw, use the singing bowl in Brimstail's cave in the Tree Gnome Stronghold.)
9 - Yewnock's strongroom. This contains Yewnock's machine, which is used in The Path of Glouphrie quest. The strongroom is locked and must be opened using the Strongroom key, which is in the mahogany chest in the chamber to the east of the strongroom.
10 - Exit back to Golrie's cave. This is a one-way passage; you can exit but not enter Yewnock's cave here. You arrive back in the north-east room of Golrie's cave, with the message, "You crawl through a tunnel and end up back in Golrie's cave."

Yewnock's cave in the Gnome Village Dungeon is only accessible during and after The Path of Glouphrie quest.






  • The Gnome Village Dungeon was not included in the 27 May 2009 update that introduced dungeon maps to the world map.

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