The Glittercaves are a cave network in The Bowl region of the Wushanko Isles, made bright by large outcrops of quartz and salt.  Home to Shuma the whale.


  • In A Voyage of Discovery, your captain has the opportunity to unlock a new ability at the Glittercaves.
  • In Sign it in Blood, the player may form an alliance with the Khan who rules the Glittercaves to secure continued access to the area.
  • In Smuggling Job, the player may smuggle stolen art from the west to the khan of the Glittercaves.
  • In Thalassus, the sea monster has been spotted near the Glittercaves and may be fought for fame and glory.
  • In The Siren's Song, the player sends a ship to explore the Glittercaves in search of resources. They should beware the sirens who have sung many to their deaths.
  • In Troubled Waters, a ship must navigate the Glittercaves, which have claimed the lives of many, to find a quicker route to the small village to their north.

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