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Glassblowing pipe detail

A player blowing glass on a glassblowing pipe

A glassblowing pipe is used to shape molten glass using the Crafting skill. It is required to make any Glass item, and can be stored in the tool belt.


Glassblowing pipes can be obtained at the following locations:

Craftable itemsEdit

Image Item Level Exp Notes
Beer glass
Beer glass 1 17.5 Used to contain beer or sq'irkjuice
Candle lantern (lit white)
Candle lantern 4 19 Can be lit to lighten dark areas
Oil lamp (oil)
Oil lamp 12 25 Can be lit to lighten dark areas
Vial 33 35 Can be filled with liquid to make potions via Herblore
Fishbowl 42 42.5 Can be used to contain pet fish or in Recipe for Disaster Pirate Pete part
Unpowered orb
Unpowered orb 46 52.5 Can be powered into any four of the elemental orbs
Lantern lens
Lantern lens 49 55 Can be combined with lantern frames to make Bullseye lanterns
Light orb
Light orb 87 70 Can be traded only after adding a Cave goblin wire to it
Potion flask
Potion flask 89 100 Uses untradeable Robust glass
Crystal flask
Crystal flask 89 150 Uses untradeable Crystal glass

Store locationsEdit

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Seller Cost Currency Base stock Members?
Arnold's Eclectic Supplies16Coins 5Coins 10Yes
Dorgesh-Kaan General Supplies16Coins 5Coins 10Yes
Trader Stan's Trading Post16Coins 5Coins 10Yes


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Glassblowng old

The old Glassblowing animation

The glassblowing animation was updated on 2 June 2009.

  • There used to be an easter egg when using the glassblowing pipe in which it makes a sound similar to that of a vuvuzela, a horn made popular during the World Cup. There are multiple sounds for this easter egg. These sounds were removed as of 19 July 2010.

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