Masterpiece Seren statue

Glarial's god statue in Prifddinas

Queen Glarial was a legendary elven Queen of throughout the Fourth Age who was noted for her beauty. She was married to the powerful king Baxtorian until her death. She has a daughter named Eirlys and a grandson named Islwyn.

Glarial's TombEdit

Glarial's tombstone

Glarial's tombstone

Glarial's Tomb

The tomb of Glarial

Queen Glarial's tomb is located near Baxtorian Falls and found during the Waterfall Quest. The inscription (translated in English) reads: Here lies Glarial, wife of Baxtorian, true friend of nature in life and death. May she now rest knowing only visitors with peaceful intent can enter..

To enter this, the player must obtain a small pebble from the Tree Gnome Village. Located inside of this tomb is Glarial's coffin and a chest, from this a urn and an amulet may be obtained. This amulet may be utilised so to enter the Waterfall Dungeon under the Baxtorian Falls.

In Roving Elves, the spirit of Glarial is called upon to change the nature of the consecration seed.


Little is known about the dissappearance of Glarial. In the Fourth Age Glarial was married to King Baxtorian of Clan Cadarn, becoming acting regent of the Cadarn holdings east of Tirannwn (which covered part of the human kingdom of Kandarin) after Clan Iorwerth rebelled against the other Elven Clans, seizing control of the city of Prifddinas. Baxtorian and his allies were forced to respond to this by bringing the bulk of their armies into Tirannwn. In his absence the human population of the east, who were treated as serfs under elven rule, rebelled against the Cadarn. Glarial was captured by the enemy, bringing Baxtorian into a deep depression. Upon his return Baxtorian constructed a memorial to Glarial and sealed himself beneath a Waterfall believing her to be dead.

During The Light Within Baxtorian is brought back to life by Arianwyn. Baxtorian still mourns his wife and that's why he build a statue of her next to him. The statue itself contains the Seren shard of integrity.

God StatueEdit

Seren god statue concept

Concept art for the Serenist god statue

Glarial represents the elven goddess Seren in the form of a god statue since the release of the second batch of Prifddinas on 10 November 2014.




  • There is a theatre play named The Bethrothal of Glarial.
  • Glarial's tomb in the waterfall quest and Roving Elves is depicted with a Zarosian marker, the equilateral cross inscribed in a circle. This is odd as the elves are known followers of Seren, whose emblem is a rhombus.

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