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Give Thanks
Give thanks emote icon
Release date 26 November 2009 (Update)
Members No
Sound Yes
Enhancer Herald cape
Duration 12 seconds
Requirements Completion of a Thanksgiving event
Give Thanks
Click animation for full size

The Give Thanks emote was given out by finding all ten Hidden Turkeys during the 2008 Thanksgiving event, killing turkeys during the event, or completing the entire event. It was also the reward for completing the subsequent Thanksgiving events. When used, players will start to flap their hands as if they had wings, turn into a turkey, dance around, and transform back.

With the completion of the 2011 Thanksgiving event, this emote can be enhanced. The enhanced emote can be performed by equipping a herald cape with the turkey crest on it. In the enhanced emote, the player's right hand becomes a turkey drumstick and they fall down, then the rest of their body turns into a roasted turkey. After brief period of time, the player becomes human again and stands up, their arm still a drumstick. The player then pulls on the drumstick with their left hand on the bone, and the drumstick comes off. The player then examines their arm for a moment.


Give Thanks Enhanced

The enhanced Give Thanks emote

  • When the player performs the emote whilst doing the agility challenge in the Circus, their agility costume will disappear for the rest of the time he/she is on the tightrope.
  • If a player does this emote, then does another emote that involves something other than the player (Idea, Safety First, Trick, or Freeze) while the character is still flapping its hands, the exterior part of the other emote (the light bulb, shield, bats, or glacier) will appear before the player is finished, stopping the player from performing the appropriate action (raising hands, crossing arms, etc.). For other emotes, they cannot be seen at all but the game will still think that the player is doing it.
  • While using the Home teleport spell, if the player uses the Explore emote and clicks somewhere on the minimap right after sitting down, he/she will start running. Right when the player starts to run, he/she can quickly click the Give Thanks emote and will then turn into a giant, deformed running turkey.
  • If you use the emote in the basement of the alternate Wizard's Tower, the turkey's gobbler stretches far beyond its physical capability.
  • Players who use this emote immediately before the last penance monster in any wave of Barbarian Assault is killed will remain in the room until the turkey animation is complete and will be kicked from their team. Many groups utilise this glitch to quickly reinvite the player who performs the emote and thereby avoid the 30 second auto-start timer to proceed with the next wave more quickly.
  • This emote has a history of being stretched out this is most likely due to the fact that it has a larger area compared to other emotes.
  • There was a glitch that caused the turkey to glitch out, if you did the give thanks emote and clicked the previous teleport option under the home teleport spell.
  • There was a glitch when using this emote that could make you stay as a giant turkey by using the emote then clicking house options. Now however, attempting to do this glitch will do the emote but nothing else will happen.

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