A gilded altar is the highest level altar that can be built in the Chapel of a player-owned house. It can be used to recharge Prayer. When bones or demonic ashes are used with the altar, the player gains 250% of the experience normally received from simply burying the bones.

Incense burners add an additional 50% experience per lit burner, achieving a maximum additional 100% bonus when both burners are lit (and a total of 350% of the normal experience received). All incense burners give the same amount of experience and require a clean marrentill and a tinderbox to light. Because of these bonuses, the gilded altar is a popular choice for players wishing to train Prayer.

Once an altar has been created, anyone who visits the player-owned house has access to the altar itself and the bonus experience it has to offer. This has led to players grouping up in Friends Chats to track players currently "hosted" altar. Ironmen cannot interact with an altar other than their own.

During Double XP Weekends, altars only give their usual bonuses; furthermore, no bonus experience is used, and experience-boosting items or other bonuses will not work.

The total cost to buy all the materials for the altar is 1,135,870 coins, or 1,171,300 coins if purchased from the Stonemason and the Construction Supplies shop.

Bones on Altar

A player using a gilded altar


A Construction level of 75 is required to build a gilded altar. It can theoretically be built as early as level 66 by using a crystal saw (+3 boost to level), a sculpting chisel (+1), and orange spicy stew with three doses of Orange spice (+5). However this is difficult to achieve due to the random (-5/+5) boost that the orange spicy stew provides.

An option with guaranteed success requires 68 Construction and a POH tea (+3) (from Teak shelves) which, combined with the crystal saw and the sculpting chisel, gives a total boost of +7.

Players often advertise their open altars on the official RuneScape forums in the Community section, on the Events thread. Yanille on World 31 also often hosts open altars, and so this world is commonly used for training Prayer.

Experience ratesEdit

Bones/Ashes GE price Prayer exp. Prayer cost/exp.
Accursed ashes Accursed ashes 135 43.75 3.09
Airut bones Airut bones 6,728 463.75 14.51
Hardened dragon bones Hardened dragon bones 7,286 504 14.46
Baby dragon bones Baby dragon bones 681 105 6.49
Bat bones Bat bones 973 18.55 52.45
Big bones Big bones 253 52.5 4.82
Bones Bones 238 15.75 15.11
Burnt bones Burnt bones 911 15.75 57.84
Curved bone Curved bone N/A 52.5 N/A
Dagannoth bones Dagannoth bones 5,488 437.5 12.54
Dragon bones Dragon bones 1,470 252 5.83
Fayrg bones Fayrg bones 8,256 294 28.08
Frost dragon bones Frost dragon bones 11,964 630 18.99
Impious ashes Impious ashes 212 14 15.14
Infernal ashes Infernal ashes 1,086 218.75 4.96
Jogre bones Jogre bones 1,032 52.5 19.66
Big bones Large monkey bones N/A 63 N/A
Large zombie monkey bones Large zombie monkey bones N/A 17.5 N/A
Long bone Long bone N/A 52.5 N/A
Monkey bones Monkey bones 639 17.5 36.51
Ourg bones Ourg bones 12,641 490 25.8
Raurg bones Raurg bones 63,460 336 188.87
Reinforced dragon bones Reinforced dragon bones 14,229 665 21.4
Searing ashes Searing ashes 27,463 700 39.23
Shaikahan bones Shaikahan bones 5,594 87.5 63.93
Tortured ashes Tortured ashes 3,082 315 9.78
Wolf bones Wolf bones 949 15.75 60.25
Wyvern bones Wyvern bones 2,550 175 14.57
Zogre bones Zogre bones 555 78.75 7.05


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