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This article is a strategy guide for Giant mole.
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The moleEdit

The Giant mole is found in Falador Mole Lair below Falador Park. She is designed to be an introductory boss for low-mid level players around 60 combat level. While the mole is not very strong, the special attacks can potentially kill unprepared players. It is one of the lowest levelled bosses to drop elite clue scrolls making this a very popular monster for players.

Upon its defeat, players may receive various items, such as hard or elite clue scrolls, and its famous mole skin and claws. Mole skins and claws can be sold on the Grand Exchange or traded to Wyson for bird's nests, which are used as secondary ingredients in the creation of Saradomin brews. It can also drop the Dragon 2h sword, a powerful level 60 two-handed sword which very few monsters drop in-game.

How to fight the moleEdit

This section explains the basic mechanics of the fight. The giant mole performs special abilities unique to the cavern she is located. The order of the caverns are randomised, however she will only appear in each cavern once.

  • Swipe: Basic melee attack. Can be halved by Protect from melee. Deflect Melee will not reflect damage back to the mole. Deals around 600 damage at maximum.
  • Earthquake: Area of effect (AOE) attack that occurs in a 3x3 square, shown by rumbling stones on the ground. Standing in the marked area will deal 200 damage every tick (400 in hard mode). This attack occurs when the Giant Mole cannot reach the player. Damage from this attack is unavoidable and adds up very quickly compared to the mole. If players are hit by this attack, it is recommended to move to avoid massive damage. Players should be aware of the fact that, when using the Dark Magic aura, its damage can activate after the giant mole digs to a new room and cause her to use her earthquake attack immediately and constantly when players get within her line of sight, only stopping when they attack her out of a safespot.
  • Dig: This giant mole uses this move to travel to the next cavern after a certain amount of damage has been dealt by players. This move does not deal any damage to the players. However, this move will block any further damage onto the Giant mole when the mole is underground. The location of the next cavern can be identified by the direction of the trail the Mole travels.
  • Stomp: Players who move under the mole for too long will be dealt 400 damage. This is increased to 800 in hard mode.
Giant Mole fight

The Giant mole calls for aid.

Main cavernEdit

This is the main cavern where the Giant mole spawns and respawns. During the first phase of the fight she will not perform any special attacks. The mole will dig away to the other caverns when she reaches approximately 70,000 life points. In the final phase of the fight she will perform all the special attacks from the other caverns.

Northwest cavernEdit

  • Minions: The Mole will summon little moles with 100 life points. While the moles are alive, the Giant Mole will take decreased damage and bleeds will only deal half the original damage. If using Devotion and protect from/deflect melee, they can be used to replenish the Devotion timer. Minions should be dealt with swiftly with AoE attacks to decrease the mole's resistance to your attacks. The minions will automatically die when the mole moves away. If you are using melee you can easily dispose of the moles by using Quake, Hurricane, or Flurry. Use AoE abilities such as Dragon Breath, Detonate, or Bombardment to kill the little moles. If possible, try to damage the mole as fast as possible during this phase, as the minions spawn rather quickly. Using Debilitate and/or Reflect will help reduce any augmented damage the mole does when her minions are present.

Northeast cavernEdit

  • Berserk: This is not actually an attack, but an effect. It can be identified by the Giant Mole glowing red and green. The Mole will then become stunnable (but unbindable), and while attacking she will deal greatly increased damage at a faster attack speed. This effect will interrupt any ability the player was about to use upon its activation. Using protect from/deflect melee while this effect is active, preferably with devotion, will greatly reduce or completely block her damage. Use any threshold stun ability to lower the mole's defense, as well as damaging her. If used correctly, the phase should pass fast.

This effect is more potent in hard mode. The mole is capable of hitting 1800 with her melee attack, or even 2000 if her mole minions are present.

Southwest cavernEdit

  • Unstable ground: The Giant mole starts to dive into the ground, creating 3x3 squares of unstable dirt underneath players which continues to hit typeless 200's (400 in hard mode) every tick for as long as the player is in the square. The 3x3 squares spawn so that the targeted player is standing in the south-west corner. Therefore, to avoid the attack, step to the south west whenever the mole dives into the ground. However, if you are standing in a space such that the 3x3 square cannot spawn with you in the southwest corner, it will spawn with you in a different corner. Therefore, it is recommended that you give yourself enough space for the special attack so that you always know which way to move to dodge it. This attack is visually and functionally identical to the standard earthquake attack the mole uses when the player safespots her.
  • Alternatively, lure the mole to the north tunnel of the chamber, and she will never use the special dive attack.

Southeast cavernEdit

  • Mud prison: Traps a player, making the player unable to move. If the mole attacks the trapped player (while they are still trapped), the player will be freed, but will take a lot of damage (2700+ in hard mode. Protect from melee/Deflect melee will not halve the damage from this attack.) Devotion, however, will reduce this attack's damage to 1. Anticipate early to avoid this attack.
  • Cave-in: Falling rocks will rain down on the player in waves. However, this move will stun and root if you are hit by the initial wave of falling rocks. Use Anticipation at the start of the phase and make sure you have Freedom. While running from rocks, use abilities to further shorten the phase and possibly any more potential damage taken.

Main chamber (last phase) Edit

  • In the last phase, the mole will dig to the main chamber (the biggest one). During this phase, it is strongly recommended for lower levelled players to eat up and pray against melee. Debilitate, and pray against melee at the start of the phase to reduce damage taken. The mole combines all mechanics from all phases. Usually, the mole will spawn little moles first, then she'll start using Unstable Ground and Cave-in. Anticipate after moles spawn to negate the chance of being stunned. Beware, as usually Cave-in and Unstable Ground are combined together to do a huge combo, killing the player very quickly. Players of low PvE experience can be overwhelmed by the huge amounts of actions you must do to avoid being hurt. Therefore, make sure you have Anticipate and Freedom available, so that you won't be overwhelmed by the large amounts of mechanics she does in a few matter of seconds.

Hard ModeEdit

In Hard Mode, the following occurs in her chambers:

  • In the northwestern cavern, the moles she spawn also give her increased strength. She will also spawn them at a much faster rate.
  • In the southeastern cavern, she will combine her mud prison and cave-in attacks together, regardless if the player is in a team or not.

On the final room, it is advised to be at high life points when possible, as the Giant Mole spawns minions at such a rapid rate that AoE abilities will be unable to keep up with them. She may also combine her northeastern and southeastern room abilities together, resulting in her being able to deal up to 4500+ life points in one combo.

In the case the player has high level weapons along with power armour, safespotting near the southwestern tunnel may make the last phase slightly easier since the only way she can attack you is the cave in and baby moles. Be sure to carefully monitor your life points or else there is a risk of death.

Hard Mode will offer slightly improved rewards.

Recommended equipmentEdit

While the Giant mole is weak to nothing, players are recommended to use magic gear as the Giant mole attacks with melee. Any combat style can be used effectively.

As of the 27 January 2014 update, players do not need a light source while fighting the Giant mole.

Lower levelled players should use potions to reduce the chance of dying. Grand potions are cheap and are very effective in helping low levelled players beat Giant Mole. Combat stats should be above 60+ if you wish to attempt Giant Mole.

Low level equipmentEdit

Recommended equipment for Ranged - Low Level
Slot Item (most effective → least effective)
Head slot Helm of neitiznot Helm of neitiznot Archer helm Archer helm Rune full helm Rune full helm N/A N/A
Neck slot Amulet of glory Amulet of glory Amulet of accuracy Amulet of accuracy N/A N/A N/A
Back slot Ava's accumulator Ava's accumulator Ava's attractor Ava's attractor Obsidian cape Obsidian cape N/A N/A
Torso slot Black dragonhide body Black dragonhide body Red dragonhide body Red dragonhide body N/A N/A N/A
Legs slot Black dragonhide chaps Black dragonhide chaps Red dragonhide chaps Red dragonhide chaps N/A N/A N/A
Main hand slot Rune crossbow Rune crossbow Adamant crossbow Adamant crossbow N/A N/A N/A
Off-hand weapon slot Ancient Book God book N/A N/A N/A N/A
Off-hand slot Rune kiteshield Rune kiteshield N/A N/A N/A N/A
Ammo slot Broad-tipped bolts 5 Broad-tipped bolts Adamant bolts 5 Adamant bolts Mithril bolts 5 Mithril bolts N/A N/A
Gloves slot Black dragonhide vambraces Black dragonhide vambraces Red dragonhide vambraces Red dragonhide vambraces N/A N/A N/A
Feet slot Snakeskin boots Snakeskin boots N/A N/A N/A N/A
Ring slot Ring of wealth Ring of wealth N/A N/A N/A N/A
Aura slot Sharpshooter aura Sharpshooter aura Vampyrism aura Vampyrism aura Penance aura Penance aura N/A N/A
Pocket slot Sign of life Sign of life N/A N/A N/A N/A

High levelEdit

Note: Take into consideration the repair costs for degradable armour, compared to profit made from the mole.

Recommended equipment for Magic - High Level
Slot Item (most effective → least effective)
Head slot Ganodermic visor Ganodermic visor Hood of subjugation Hood of subjugation Ahrim's hood Ahrim's hood N/A N/A
Neck slot Arcane stream necklace Arcane stream necklace Saradomin's hiss Saradomin's hiss Amulet of fury Amulet of fury Dragon Rider amulet Dragon Rider amulet Amulet of glory Amulet of glory
Back slot Completionist cape Completionist cape Max cape Max cape TokHaar-Kal-Mej TokHaar-Kal-Mej Saradomin cape God cape Defence cape Cape of Accomplishment
Torso slot Ganodermic poncho Ganodermic poncho Garb of subjugation Garb of subjugation Ahrim's robe top Ahrim's robe top N/A N/A
Legs slot Ganodermic leggings Ganodermic leggings Gown of subjugation Gown of subjugation Ahrim's robe skirt Ahrim's robe skirt N/A N/A
Main hand slot Virtus wand Virtus wand Abyssal wand Abyssal wand Wand of treachery Wand of treachery N/A N/A
2h slot Noxious staff Noxious staff Chaotic staff Chaotic staff Armadyl battlestaff Armadyl battlestaff Staff of light Staff of light N/A
Off-hand weapon slot Virtus book Virtus book Abyssal orb Abyssal orb Grifolic orb Grifolic orb N/A N/A
Ammo slot Tirannwn quiver 4 Tirannwn quiver 4 N/A N/A N/A N/A
Gloves slot Spellcaster gloves Spellcaster gloves Culinaromancer's gloves 10 Culinaromancer's gloves 10 Ganodermic gloves Ganodermic gloves N/A N/A
Feet slot Ragefire boots Ragefire boots Ganodermic boots Ganodermic boots N/A N/A N/A
Ring slot Leviathan ring Leviathan ring Asylum surgeon's ring Asylum surgeon's ring Sixth-Age circuit Sixth-Age circuit Ring of wealth Ring of wealth N/A
Aura slot Vampyrism aura Vampyrism aura Penance aura Penance aura N/A N/A N/A
Pocket slot Sign of life Sign of life N/A N/A N/A N/A


If using magic or range the mole can be effectively safe-spotted by using the corridors to trap the mole. There is enough time to fire off 3-4 abilities before you have to move out of sight. Otherwise, the mole will use a rock attack that deals 200 damage on normal mode and 400 damage on hard mode. You must move out of its line of sight or it will still use the rock attack.