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Ghostweave was removed from RuneScape after an update, but still exists in-game for those who had obtained it.
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Ghostweave detail

Ghostweave is an item used to create Ghostly outfits. It is obtained through skilling, killing or Treasure Hunter from 24 October 2014 0:00 UTC to 3 November 23:59 UTC. When obtained through skilling, small amounts ranging from 10-30 are obtained, together with the message: You find <AMOUNT> ghostweave cloth.

If the player's inventory is full when they receive Ghostweave, it will be sent to their bank automatically with the message: You find <AMOUNT> ghostweave cloth, which is sent to your bank.

Once all six outfits have been made, players unlock the "Ghostly Wardrobe" emote and "the Ghostly" title. Ghostweave is automatically kept on death, unless you are killed in the wilderness.

You are able to trade your ghostweave for certain bonuses:

  • Trade 100 ghostweave for a chocolate of your choice with either a Man or a Woman. This option requires having made all six costumes.
  • Trade ghostweave with Iffie for coins (1 ghostweave gives you 40 coins).
  • Trade ghostweave with Iffie for bonus Crafting XP (1 ghostweave gives you 20 bonus Crafting experience).

Any unused Ghostweave will be removed from the game on 18 November 2014 0:00 UTC.

Ghostly outfits
Outfit Cost
Ghostly druid outfit 600
Ghostly farmer outfit 600
Ghostly Fremennik outfit 600
Ghostly fisher outfit 1,000
Ghostly guard outfit 1,000
Ghostly princess outfit 1,000
Ghostweave interface

The interface for ghostweaving

Select Sweet interface

Exchanging weaves for sweets.

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  • Ghostweave was obtainable prior to the Treasure Hunter promotion actually starting, after the update on 20 October 2014. It was also possible to receive some after completing a Dungeoneering floor, which was unintentional. Both of these issues were corrected in an update later the same day.[1]
  • When attempting to make a Ghostly outfit that is already owned, it will offer the option to recover the outfit if it has been destroyed. Attempting to recover the outfit otherwise will produce the message "You already have all the pieces of that costume".


  1. ^ Mod Easty. "System update." 20 Oct 2014. Recent Game Updates Forums.

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