This article is about the outfits created with ghostweave. For the robes obtained from The Curse of Zaros miniquest, see Ghostly robes.

Ghostly outfits are outfits created with ghostweave. There are six outfits that can be made: the druid, farmer, fisher, Fremennik, guard and princess outfits.

Ghostly princess outfit equipped

After making all six outfits, the player will unlock the title [Name] the Ghostly and the Ghostly Wardrobe emote. The player can trick or treat men and women in 10 locations while wearing any ghostly outfit to unlock two titles, [Name] the Trickster and [Name] the Treated. Even after all treats have been obtained for the day, players can still trick/treat to earn title.

Men and Women can be found at:

  • Al Kharid, near the lodestone
  • Ardougne, a man with a tan cavalier near the General store and also the locked building north of the church
  • Catherby, near the bank
  • Draynor Village, near the bank (some of these villagers don't have a level, just a talk option)
  • Edgeville, north of the bank
  • Falador, in a house east of the Estate Agent (or in the park)
  • Lumbridge, in the courtyard of the castle (or upstairs in houses across the church)
  • Seers' Village, north of the spinning wheel, at the bar
  • Varrock, in The Blue Moon Inn, in The Jolly Boar Inn
  • Yanille, house near the bank

Although they can also be found in Port Sarim, Musa Point, West Ardougne and south of Ice Mountain, these cannot be trick or treated.

Ghostly outfits can be stored with Iffie in Varrock or Diango in Draynor Village by right clicking on the ghostly outfit item and selecting the Destroy option. Outfit items are returned by talking to Iffie or Diango and selecting the "I'd like to check my items, please." option or right clicking them and select the Retrieve option.

While tricking and treating, players can choose from three to four different chocolates depending on whether they trick or ask for treat. The Fisher, Guard and Princess ghostly outfits allow the player to get 24 chocolates, 8/day while the Druid, Fremennik and Farmer outfits only allow the player to get 12 chocolates, 4/day.

4 Chocolates are available by tricking a man/woman.

3 Chocolates are available by asking a man/woman for a treat.

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