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NormalWhile Guthix Sleeps
Release date 12 June 2006 (Update)
Race Giant
Members No
Quest NPC No
Location In front of the Warriors' Guild
Sells items No
Gender Male
Examine The big door man.
Ghommal location
Ghommal vision
Release date 12 June 2006 (Update)
Combat level 197
Race Giant
Members Yes
Quest NPC While Guthix Sleeps
Location Chaos Temple (hut)
Sells items No
Gender Male
Examine The big doorman of the Warriors' Guild.
Ghommal chathead

Ghommal is the giant guard of the Warriors' Guild. He turns away players that don't have the level requirements to access the Guild.

While Guthix Sleeps Edit

He has a small role in the While Guthix Sleeps quest, belonging to a collection of eight warriors that attempted to save the player from Lucien. He was one of the six soldiers that perished in the ensuing battle. After the quest, he is replaced by Laidee Gnonock, who serves the same purpose.

Audio options icon
Welcome to Warrior's Guild.
Ghommal memorial statue

Ghommal's memorial statue outside the Warriors' Guild.

Trivia Edit

  • Because Ghommal's job is to make sure people have the right levels to enter the guild, his name may refer to the internet acronym "GOML" which stands for "get on my level".
  • The symbol 'painted' on his chest is unknown, but may have a similar meaning like the face paintings of, for example, some of the Slayer masters.
  • After the Troll Warzone update, there is a bug in which two Ghommals are present at the entrance of the Warriors' Guild. They look exactly the same other than a slight different in the shades of colour, and has been fixed.

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