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This article is about the quest. For the titular cat, see Fluffs.
This quest has a quick guide, found here, which briefly summarises the steps needed to complete the quest.
Gertrude's Cat (#49)
Gertrude's Cat
Release date 28 July 2003 (Update)
Members only? Yes
Voice acted? No
Official difficulty Novice
Official length Short
Quest series None
Developer(s) Tom W
Age Fifth Age
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Gertrude's Cat is a short quest in which you have to find Fluffs, the Varrockian Gertrude Fairweather's lost pet cat. Completion of the quest allows you to adopt a feline companion of your own.

Official descriptionEdit

Gertrude's cat has been missing for some time now. This has got Gertrude very worried, so could you help rescue her prized pet?

Handling cats isn't an easy business. They get hungry and need plenty of attention, but if you're the pet type, then this is the quest for you!

Development teamEdit

  • Developer: Tom W
  • Conversion: Ian T, Jon S
  • Audio: Ian T
  • Developer 2: Ali F

Walkthrough Edit

Start point Quest map icon Go to Gertrude's house which is just west of Varrock.
Member requirement P2P icon
Official difficulty Novice Novice
Length Short
Requirements None
Items required Items from the toolbelt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added.
Enemies to defeat None

Runaway VacationEdit

Gertrude chathead
Gertrude location

Gertrude's location

Head west from Varrock along the road towards Gunnarsgrunn (Barbarian Village) and you will come across Gertrude's house. Head behind it and pick up a doogle leaf if you haven't done so already. Go inside and talk to her; she will tell you that she has lost her cat named Fluffs. She asks you to go and talk to her children, Shilop and Wilough, in Varrock Square.


Travel to Varrock square and speak with the children. They will tell you that they have a secret hideout where they took Fluffs with them, but won't reveal its location until they get something in return. Give them 100 coins in exchange for the information.

Head to the Lumber Yard, the secret hideout, which is north-east of Varrock, north of the Earth altar. Once at the lumber yard, look for a broken fence on the west side that you can squeeze under. Climb up the ladder in one of the buildings and you will find Fluffs.

When you try to pick her up, she refuses to move, and also seems thirsty; use the bucket of milk on her. Try and pick her up again, but she stills refuse to move and is now hungry. Use the doogle leaves on the raw sardine to make a doogle sardine, which Fluffs will happily eat. Be sure to click through the entirety of the dialogue, or you'll have to give her another doogle sardine/bucket of milk for the next prompt.

Homeward BoundEdit


Come here, kitty kitty!

Try and pick her up again and she still refuses to move. The game will inform you that a kitten can be heard nearby. Remember the jiggling crates you saw downstairs earlier? Climb down the ladder and search the jiggling crates until you find three little kittens inside. The kittens will be in different crates for different players. Be sure to click through the cut scene dialogue, or you'll have to go back down stairs and re-search the jigging crate to re-obtain the three little kittens for the next prompt.

Go back to Fluffs and use the kitten with her. She'll run back home to Gertrude's house with the kittens (if you drop the kittens, they will run back to the same crate).

Return to Gertrude to claim your reward (a Pet kitten and some food).

Reward Edit

Gertrude's Cat reward

Required for completingEdit

Completion of Gertrude's Cat is required for the following:


Cultural referencesEdit

  • The name Gertrude may be a reference to Gertrude Of Nivelles [626-17 March 659] who was a saint and patron of cats.
  • Shilop and Wilough have t-shirts with the first letter of their name. This may be a reference to Fred and George Weasley from the Harry Potter series.


Gertrude thanks you

Being thanked by Gertrude

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