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Gemstone dragons are dragons whose hides are decorated in gemstones. They are weak against ranged attacks, especially against arrows.

In combat, gemstone dragons use melee, magic and long ranged dragonfire. If attacked from a distance, gemstone dragons can also utilise a special attack which covers a 3x3 area. If hit by their special attack, it will deal heavy magic damage in addition to a secondary side effect, which is somewhat based on their enchanted bolt's effect. If the player is within melee range of the dragon, they will not use their special attack.

All gemstone dragons have a chance of dropping the draconic visage, and gemstone dragons have a chance of dropping different pieces of gemstone armour. Instead of dragon bones, gemstone dragons drop hardened dragon bones.

Gemstone dragons are located in the gemstone cavern under the Shilo Village mining site. They require the completion of the Hard Karamja Tasks in order to access them.

Kelhar guards the area to the gemstone dragons, and requests payments before he will allow the player to kill the gemstone dragons. He will only accept uncut gems of dragonstone, onyx or an incomplete hydrix. Once the gem(s) have been given, Kelhar will allow the player to kill any of the gemstone dragons, and will demand additional payments once the player expends all of their allotted kills. Players can store up to 60,000 kills at any given time.

It can be presumed Vicendithas was the indirect creator of the gemstone dragons, as his scribblings mention a crystalline dragon. This dragon had the unique ability to change sexes at will, and from these eggs hatched several gemstone dragons.

Entrance fee to killing gemstone dragons
Uncut gem Kills per gem Cost per kill
Uncut dragonstone Uncut dragonstone 2 5,803
Uncut onyx Uncut onyx 400 5,294
Incomplete hydrix Incomplete hydrix 4000 5,388

If the player is on a slayer assignment for gemstone dragons, Kelhar will allow the player to kill them free of charge. If the player has already paid Kelhar, he will not remove charges for gemstone dragons killed on a task. This charging fee also applies in the player's personal slayer dungeon.


Name Combat level Slayer level Special attack Notes
Dragonstone dragon Dragonstone dragon 119 95 Sends a purple trail to the player's initial spot, dealing up to 4500 magic damage and draining the timer on any antifire potions currently in use by 1/2. Protect/Deflect Magic will decrease the damage, but will not negate the secondary effect. They will not use this special attack if you remain within melee distance of them. Dragonstone dragons are the weakest gemstone dragon and can drop gemstone gauntlets and gemstone boots.
Onyx dragon Onyx dragon 126 98 Steals some of the player's life points. They will not use this special attack if you remain within melee distance of them. Onyx dragons are the second strongest gemstone dragon and can drop gemstone greaves and gemstone helms.
Hydrix dragon Hydrix dragon 133 101 A row of spikes is sent towards the area that the player is currently standing on. After a short delay, there is a 3 by 3 square area where spikes appear, dealing magic damage and draining adrenaline to 0, while also applying a debuff where adrenaline gained is reduced to half for a few seconds. They will not use this special attack if you remain within melee distance of them. Hydrix dragons are the strongest gemstone dragon and can drop gemstone hauberks.


  • On release, gemstone dragons had less lucrative loot, which was changed in a hotfix several hours later. Some of the notable changes included converting their dragon bones drop into adamant dragon bones (which were then renamed a week later to hardened dragon bones) and dropping two drops at a time.
  • Gemstone dragons used to be unattackable in the Sunken Pyramid unless the player had talked to Trufitus in Tai Bwo Wannai Village after completing the quest Shilo Village. This was due to the game checking the variable that tracked the state of the quest, and the variable also tracking some post-quest dialogue.
  • As of 1 February 2018, the highest kill count for these monsters was 15,626 kills[1].


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