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The Gecko is a pet a player may have with level 10 Summoning. Baby geckos can be caught with a box trap at Hunter level 27. When a gecko is caught it will give the player 100 Hunter experience. As a baby, it will only eat flies and beetle bits.

Your gecko will grow 1% for every 10% - 15% of hunger. You may only have 1 gecko at a time (unless you put your other geckos in your house), and will not be able to catch another until you dismiss your current gecko. Note that there are many adult geckos on Karamja, however only baby geckos can be caught as pets.

Geckos come in 4 different colours: orange, green, blue, and red. Different coloured geckos can be found in different locations all across Karamja. Orange geckos can be found near the nature altar, north-east of Tai Bwo Wannai near the coast, and on eastern Karamja north-west of the Shipyard. Green geckos can be found on eastern Karamja north-west of the Shipyard. Blue geckos can be found south-east of Tai Bwo Wannai. Red geckos can be found in the Kharazi Jungle, however, access to the jungle is restricted to those who have started Legends' Quest.

At level 20 Summoning, geckos may be understood by their owners.









Baby gecko (orange) chathead

Baby gecko (orange) pet

Gecko (orange) chathead

Gecko (orange) pet


Baby gecko (green) chathead

Baby gecko (green) pet

Gecko (green) chathead

Gecko (green) pet


Baby gecko (blue) chathead

Baby gecko (blue) pet

Gecko (blue) chathead

Gecko (blue) pet


Baby gecko (red) chathead

Baby gecko (red) pet

Gecko (red) chathead

Gecko (red) pet

Gecko Map



  • According to the Items Kept on Death interface, a baby gecko is worth 1 coin even though they are untradeable.
  • Before the release of alternate colour pets, red gecko head icons were placed in the Hunter Menu.
  • Red geckos are the least common gecko due to the requirement of starting Legends' Quest to reach them.
  • In the gecko's talking animation it can be seen licking its eye just as some lizards do. This is because most geckos have no eyelids and therefore need to lick their eyes to keep them wet.
  • Geckos seem to have similar idle and walking animations to the Cave lizards that dwell in the Ourania Caves.
  • There was previously a bug where asking about missing pets at a pet store with a gecko in your bank or menagerie, it was possible to obtain a second gecko from them. This gecko didn't have to be the same colour as the original, but it would be fully grown. They don't stack in the bank. If you dismiss the extra gecko and then drop your original gecko, it will run away.
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