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Release date 11 December 2013 (Update)
Race Icyene
Members only? No
Quest NPC? No
Location North of Falador
Sells items? No
Gender Female
Examine A sad but determined Icyene with no wings.
Garlandia map
Garlandia chathead

Garlandia is an icyene, and a member of the Godless faction. She could be found north of Falador, at the crossroads. She used to be a noble among her people, until she offended Saradomin.

At a banquet on New Domina, the homeworld of the icyene, Saradomin bellowed over the dinner table to ask Garlandia if she would rather be a bombardier or in his infantry. Garlandia responded that she would rather not fight at all. Saradomin, who was immensely respected among the Icyene, and could not be publicly humiliated without negative repercussions, made an example of her, and gathered everyone in the courtyard and ripped Garlandia's wings off in front of them, which is the equivalent of a death sentence for an icyene.

Dialogue with Garlandia during Bird and the Beast heavily implies that even before she had her wings ripped from her, she had innate prejudices against Gods: "Gods are like us - corruptible and flawed - but with devastating power at their disposal. I rejected Saradomin to underline that point; when a God calls, we do not have to answer."

This demonstrates that she very likely had anti-God convictions for quite some time. Therefore, her bias influences the way in which her story has been told and the emphasis she uses on particular aspects of it. Despite Saradomin having brought great wealth and knowledge to New Domina, Garlandia's bias means she trivialised this achievement and maximised the controversy of Saradomin removing her wings. Simply speaking to her would reveal that she is trying to portray Saradomin in the most negative light possible.

Although her account of Saradomin's actions are accurate, the reasoning behind why it transpired is one-sided, and she is therefore not a completely reliable source. One might deduce that other Icyene might rally to Garlandia's cause should Saradomin let her go unpunished.

Garlandia survived the harsh winter that she could no longer migrate away from, basking in the sparse sunshine as much as she could. The conditions she endured bleached her skin white, and cemented her hatred for all gods and their wars. Eventually she found her way to Gielinor, and joined the Godless faction in the Sixth Age.


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