Gardener Ghost
Gardener ghost
Release date 31 January 2005 (Update)
Race Undead
Members Yes
Quest NPC Creature of Fenkenstrain
Location(s) Fenkenstrain Castle
Sells items No
Gender Male
Examine He must find gardening difficult since the accident.
Gardener Ghost location
Gardener Ghost chathead

The Gardener Ghost (real name Ed Lestwit) is a headless undead creature (presumed formerly human) who is found at the back of Fenkenstrain Castle. He permanently carries a spade.

In Creature of Fenkenstrain, he will direct players into the Haunted Woods for the parts of Lord Rologarth.

Ed was the gardener for Fenkenstrain Castle, and lived there along with the castle's doctor, Dr Fenkenstrain (whom Ed fondly refers to as "old Fenky"), Lord Rologarth and the other "castle folk". The others gradually "disappeared", and Ed was the one who dug their graves until only he, Dr Fenkenstrain and Lord Rologarth were left.

Ed's account of his own death was murder by decapitation whilst digging a pit in the Haunted Woods. Dr Fenkenstrain had ordered him to dig the pit, though he "never said what for".

The implication is that Dr Fenkenstrain was the one who killed him, having killed everyone else already. The pit that Ed was digging was his own grave, as Dr Fenkenstrain murdered him in it.


  • Interestingly, Ed refers to the Haunted Woods as the "'Aunted Forest" (i.e. "Haunted Forest" minus a dropped H).
  • His name is a pun on "headless twit" (with the characteristic dropped H); a "twit" in British slang being a foolishly annoying person.

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