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This article is about the werewolf. For the gardener, see Garth.
Betrayal at Falador alternate cover This article or section contains information from Betrayal at Falador, Return to Canifis, and/or Legacy of Blood.
It is generally considered canon, unless contradicted in-game, in which case the game takes precedence.
Race Half werewolf, half human
Gender Male
Status Alive
Faction Saradominist
First appearance Betrayal at Falador
Last appearance Legacy of Blood

Gar'rth is a character in the first RuneScape novel, Betrayal at Falador. He is the nephew of Jerrod and refuses to come under Zamorak's control. Gar'rth is seen as a youth. During the beginning, he regularly takes a type of specialised potion that helps to keep Zamorak at bay, but as time progresses, the druid's medicine is losing its effect, making it harder for Gar'rth to remain in control. In an attempt to help Gar'rth, Ebenezer and Castimir set off with him to head to the monastery near Edgeville. When they arrive at the monastery, the monks begin immediately to channel out the evil spirit of Zamorak from Gar'rth. During the exorcism, many werewolf claws and hands are seen as Gar'rth's true form is revealed. Although the spirit of Zamorak still lingers in Gar'rth after the exorcism, he is able to maintain control of himself as long as he does not slay an innocent.

Early lifeEdit

Gar'rth was born sometime before 164 in Canifis, Morytania. He hated what he was and wanted to change, but was always taunted by his neighbours and friends saying that he can't change who he is. Somehow, instead of slaying and drinking the blood of an innocent as a Rite of Passage, Gar'rth fled across the River Salve into the human kingdoms of Misthalin and Asgarnia. Hot in pursuit was his Uncle Jerrod, who was thought to be sent by Lord Drakan but was actually sent by Vanescula Drakan to retrieve Gar'rth as children among the werewolves are rare. While on the run, Gar'rth had to steal food in order to stay alive, but swore not to kill an innocent life.
Jerrod (wolf)

Jerrod, Gar'rth's uncle

Betrayal at FaladorEdit

Ebenezer found Gar'rth when a farmer caught Gar'rth stealing. Ebenezer paid for the theft and adopted Gar'rth as his own son. Noticing his condition, Ebenezer took him to Taverley where the druids divined his true nature as a werewolf. During their stay in Taverley, Gar'rth learned some phrases such as "Thank you..." from Ebenezer and met Squire Theodore The druids developed a potion that would contain the beast within, but with every use, the potion grew weaker, forcing Ebenezer to take Gar'rth to the Monastery to get help from the monks. Travelling with the wizard, Castimir, they stopped at Gunnarsgrunn where they picked Kara-Meir, Squire Theodore, Arisha, and Doric.

Aftermath of Betrayal at FaladorEdit

Meeting at the Rising Sun Inn, Gar'rth states that he will find his uncle and kill him, because Jerrod will not stop hunting him. However before he does so he will travel to the Monastery with Kara-Meir to try to help rebuild it. He was soon adopted as one Ebenezer's heirs. He plans to meet up with his friends at Varrock and Midsummer's Eve.

Return to CanifisEdit

Gar'rth, Arisha and Kara-Meir arrive in Varrock where a Wyrd is killing people and kidnapping children. When the Wyrd attacks the palace, Gar'rth attempts to capture it but reveals his werewolf nature in doing so, and is arrested. In order to escape execution, he is sent as part of an emissary to Morytania alongside Kara-Meir, Theodore, Arisha, Doric, Castimir, Gideon Gleeman and Albertus Black. They are captured after Canifis is attacked and taken to the Black Prince's castle, where the werewolf servant Georgi and the Black Prince tell him about his past.

Aftermath of Return to CanifisEdit

At the end of the novel, it is revealed Gar'rth is the son of The Black Prince and thus the true heir to the throne of Misthalin. He remained in Castle Drakan with his father in exchange for his friend's freedom, where he is currently believed to reside to this day. It is also revealed that he is in fact a half human, half werewolf hybrid, as vampyrism is not passed on through breeding, which is why he was able to resist Zamorak for so long.

Legacy of BloodEdit

Gar'rth is trained by his father in the uses of magic and ruling, such as being able to spy on people. He makes frequent assassination attempts on his father, all of which fail abysmally. He also attempts to save the humans in Meiryditch, though fails due to Vanescula Drakan seeing his attempts and thwarting them. After a failed attempt to save some members of the Myreque alongside Vanstrom Klause, Gar'rth temporarily joins the Myreque and attempts to recover the sunspear, a legendary dagger capable of destroying vampyres. They are successful, but Gar'rth is forced to leave Tam to die, which haunts him. After the Myreque are captured and taken before Tenebra, Gar'rth makes one last attempt to kill his father with the dagger. This fails, and he is imprisoned with a little girl so that he will kill her for food and give himself to Zamorak. Although he does kill the girl, he still resists Zamorak, and joins his father in the final battle of the war, where he switches to the Misthalin side at the last minute and stabs his father with the sunspear, leaving Kara-Meir to finish him off.

Aftermath of Legacy of BloodEdit

Gar'rth is spared by Roald III for helping Misthalin win the war, but is banished from the realm. He decides to go to Kandarin instead, joined by Kara-Meir, Theodore and Castimir. He is also greatly upset when he learns of Ebenezer's death.

Abilities Edit

  • Gar'rth has great physical strength as shown when he pushes open the heavy, wooden doors of the Gunnarsgrunn longhall without gathering his strength, a feat even an adult barbarian cannot do, when he defeats a jealous barbarian who was being humiliated by Gar'rth and wanted to ensure the marriage of a woman he fancied, and when he beats a Varrockian noble in an arm wrestling match.
  • Gar'rth happens to be a great hunter as he's able to catch a couple of rabbits for his friends while they are starving. He can also track people if their scent is fresh enough.
  • Early in Betrayal at Falador, Gar'rth has trouble mastering the linguistics, mastering short phrases such as, "Thank you" and "Food" due to his immaturity as a werewolf. However, after the Siege of Falador, Gar'rth seems to be learning common language better. During Return to Canifis, he has mastered the common tongue almost completely and can read and write with some aid.


Roald I
Roald II
Roald III

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