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Not to be confused with Gielinor, World map, or Server.
Walls news image

A part of the game world (floor 0), seen in an NXT devloper blog.

The game world is a term used to represent the maps where all areas are set. It consist of 4 floors, floor 0 consist mostly of Gielinor ground and floor 1, 2 and 3 are for building floors, however dungeons and others area are an exception and are seemingly placed randomly (i.e Prifddinas and Castle Drakan are on floor 0 when the Grand Library is on floor 1.

NXT and draw distanceEdit

Since most quest areas are packed together and were designed with the low Java client draw distance, players could see areas that weren't supposed to be visible within NXT and Html5. Jagex solved this by adding invisible walls that blocked further draw distance.

Teleportation and Coordinates SystemEdit

When a player uses a teleportation or any transportation, the game moves him/her using the Coordinates System to tell which game square the player will move to.

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