GameBlast is a charity initiative by SpecialEffect, a UK-based charity that helps people with disabilities play games. It is ran every year, where gamers and gaming companies are encouraged to take part in a gaming-related challenge to raise money for the charity over the period of 48 hours.

Jagex have supported the GameBlast initiative for many years, including by running 24 hour livestreams, releasing cosmetic items into the game, and opening up the Well of Goodwill for people to donate in-game coins, items, and bonds. Double XP Weekends are common around GameBlast.


Jagex will hold another 24 hour livestream on 23 February 2018 in support of GameBlast 18.[1]


This took place on 26 February - 28 February 2016. The Well again was reopened, and the limited edition GameBlast 2016 pack was made available on Solomon's General Store. To follow previous years' tradition, Jagex also streamed 24 hours of various activities at their offices on Twitch.

Livestream timetableEdit

The livestream was from 12:00PM UTC 26 February until 12:00PM UTC 27 February 2016. Throughout the stream, a team of JMods and a team of players partook in 8 challenges against each other. Prizes were also given out, including gaming equipment, real life RuneScape equipment, and signed artwork. When each milestone for money raised was reached, there were various activities completed, such as Mod Kelpie getting his head shaved in the style of a partyhat.

Time (UTC) Activity
12:00 Welcome to GameBlast! + Challenge #1
13:00 RuneScape Bot Busting
14:00 Old School streamers in game
15:00 UrgntJustice vs. Dardan PvM battle
16:00 Chronicle – what’s to come?
17:00 Mod GameBlast at the Well of Goodwill + Challenge #2
18:00 Mod Mark on the PCs + SPECIAL FEATURE
19:00 Old School Bot Busting
20:00 The Drop (with new questions) + Challenge #3
21:00 Chronicle - Jmods vs. streamers
22:00 B0aty’s Battle Royale showcase and streamer Q&A
23:00 Challenge #4 + SPECIAL FEATURE
00:00 Old School streamers in-game
01:00 Streamer Challenges + Challenge #5
02:00 RuneScape 3 streamers in-game
03:00 NoobScape
04:00 Chronicle Art Showcase + Mod GameBlast at Well of Goodwill
05:00 Old School MS Paint face-off + Challenge #6
06:00 Old School JMods vs. players deathmatch
07:00 Mod Shauny’s JMod shenanigans with special guests + SPECIAL FEATURE
08:00 Fragers’ challenge + Challenge #7
09:00 Old School JMod shenanigans with Mod Ronan and special guests
10:00 PvM challenge (with a twist!) + Challenge #8
11:00 - 12:00 Challenge #8 continued + SPECIAL FEATURE + Final total!


Jagex auctioned a list of things for this event; all had a starting price of £0.01, listed in oldest first:

Product End price (£)
RuneScape Concept Art Pack #1 82.00
RuneScape Old School T-shirt - SIGNED 118.00
Mod Maz's Personalised Knitted Party Hat 46.00
RuneScape Old School T-shirt - SIGNED 155.00
RuneScape Old School T-shirt - SIGNED 150.00
Mod Dolan's Rubber ducks *£200 STRETCH GOAL* 200.00
RuneScape Goody Bag 140.00
Mod Osborne will write and speed-read a short story about you! 118.00
Mod Ian's Decorated Chinchompa - Abyssal 132.00
RuneScape Concept Art Pack #2 94.52
Mod Maz's Personalised Knitted Party Hat 36.00
RuneScape Old School T-shirt - SIGNED 142.00
Mod Pi's First PiPad 71.00
RuneScape Limited-Use Item to transmog into an NPC of your choice 420.00
RuneScape Old School T-shirt - SIGNED 110.00
RuneScape Unique Title 1,550.00
RuneScape Goody Bag 230.00
Mod Ian's Decorated Chinchompa - Wise Old Man 670.00
RuneScape Concept Art Pack #3 102.00
RuneScape MDF Board art - Sir Owen 82.00
Empty RuneScape Monopoly Box 77.50
RuneScape MDF Board Art Large - Corp Beast 101.00
Mod JD's #MadPaintSkillz to draw your Twitter Avatar 77.00
Mod Maz's Personalised Knitted Party Hat 74.50
Special Effect T-Shirt - Signed by Yogscast team 46.00
HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset 79.00
RuneScape Concept Art Pack #4 82.00
Mod Timbo will plant a tree in Jagex offices in your name 104.00
Personalised Mug by Mod Jon 36.00
Mod Ian's Decorated Chinchompa - Community Chin 92.00
JMod Pickled Cabbage for limited-use community event 130.00
RuneScape Unreleased Design Documents - Paul's Quest 41.00
RuneScape Concept Art Pack #5 88.00
RuneScape Unreleased Design Documents - Mod Mark's Minigame 25.00
RuneScape Solomon's Store Item of your Choice - Including Discontinued 270.00
RuneScape Concept Art Pack #6 310.00
Signed and Framed Photo of Mod Ash 255.00
RuneScape Old School T-shirt - SIGNED 142.00
Mod Jon's RuneScape Knitted Kingly Impling 62.50
Ian Gowers Decorated Chinchompa - With Cabbage 124.00
RuneScape JMod Party for Your Birthday 146.00
Mod Krista's Stripy Socks (Female) 21.00
Mod Krista's Stripy Socks (Male) 14.50
Your name in the Eastern Lands - RuneScape 1,220.00
Jagex Office Tour for you +1 2,519.00
Mod Maz's Personalised Knitted Party Hat 68.00
RuneScape MDF Board Art Large - Armadyl 86.00
RuneScape MDF Board Art Large - Bandos 83.01
RuneScape Unreleased Design Documents - Fossil Island 50.00
RuneScape Concept Art Pack #7 64.00
RuneScape MDF Board art - QBD 82.00
Playstation 4 with Star Wars BattleFront 310.00
RuneScape Concept Art Pack #8 56.00
Mod Mark will write a Poem about you! 67.00
Mod Raven will read out a literary piece in his "stories by the fireplace" voice Charity item 42.00
RuneScape Concept Art Pack #9 58.00
Mod JD's #MadPaintSkillz to draw a RS scene of your choice! 102.00
Mod Manti as your JMod Pet for an hour 128.00
RuneScape MDF Board art - BeastMaster Durzag 62.00
RuneScape Goody Bag 72.00
Mod Maz's Personalised Knitted Party Hat 64.00
RuneScape Concept Art Pack #10 64.00
RuneScape MDF Board art - Dwarven Warsuit 61.00
RuneScape Goody Bag 64.00
Ian Gowers Decorated Chinchompa - Gnome Child 180.00
Mod Matthe's Viking Helmet - Signed 64.00


This took place on 20 February - 22 February 2015. The Well was reopened, along with the limited edition GameBlast outfit made for the event at the Solomon's General Store. Jagex additionally streamed 24 hours of activities, including RuneScape and Block'n'Load; additionally teams took part in various challenges like drinking foul smoothies and chair racing around the office; waxed eyebrows, legs and arms; and killed bots to donate their ill-gotten gains to the cause. All donations to the were once again given to SpecialEffect. Approximately £50,000 were raised during the event.


This took place on 21 February - 24 February 2014. The Well was reopened, along with the limited edition GameBlast tunic made for the event at the Solomon's General Store. All donations to the Well were given to SpecialEffect. Approximately 36 billion coins worth of items and 3,600 bonds were donated.


  1. ^ Jagex. Jagex's Twitter account. 6 December 2017. (Archived from the original on 6 December 2017.)

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