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G.A.G. Pigpen

The pigpen owned by the G.A.G. - The logo is to the right of the entrance

G.A.G. is the acronym for the Group of Advanced Gardeners. The gardeners can be found throughout RuneScape and help players tend to the farming patch. They usually demand payment in the form of items related to the Farming skill. In addition, these gardeners also sell gardening equipment, such as rakes and other useful farming tools.

The Group of Advanced Gardeners have a pigpen with their logo on it in Draynor Village market. They play a role in the Fairy Tale quest series, especially in A Fairy Tale Part I quest.

The leader, Martin the Master Gardener, sells the Farming Cape of Accomplishment.


Gardener Patch Location
Martin the Master Gardener chathead Martin (leader) N/A Western Draynor Village
Alain chathead Alain Wood tree South-eastern Taverley
Ayesha chathead Ayesha Cactus North-eastern Al Kharid
Amaethwr chathead Amaethwr Fruit Tree South-eastern Lletya
Alfon chathead Alfon Fruit Tree North-western Meilyr Clan district, Prifddinas
Bolongo chathead Bolongo Fruit Tree South of the Grand Tree, Tree Gnome Stronghold
Briallen chathead Briallen Bush Western Crwys Clan district, Prifddinas
Dantaera chathead Dantaera Allotment North of Catherby
Dreven chathead Dreven Bush West of the Champions' Guild
Eifion chathead Eifion Wood tree South-eastern Trahaearn Clan district, Prifddinas
Ellena chathead Ellena Fruit Tree South-eastern Catherby
Elstan chathead Elstan Allotment South-east of Falador, north of Port Sarim
Fayeth chathead Fayeth Wood tree East of Combat Academy in Lumbridge
Francis chathead Francis Hop South-western Entrana
Frizzy Skernip chathead Frizzy Skernip Spirit tree North-eastern Port Sarim
Garth chathead Garth Fruit Tree Northern Brimhaven, south of docks
Gileth chathead Gileth Fruit Tree West of Tree Gnome Village maze
Harmony pillar farmer chathead Harmony pillar farmer Harmony pillar Southern Meilyr Clan district, Prifddinas
Heskel chathead Heskel Wood tree Southern Falador Park, north of Falador East Bank
Horacio chathead Horacio Jade vine Central East Ardougne
Imiago chathead Imiago Calquat tree Northwest Tai Bwo Wannai
Kragen chathead Kragen Allotment North-east of East Ardougne
Lyra chathead Lyra Allotment West of Alice's farm, north-west of Port Phasmatys
My Arm chathead My Arm Herb (disease-free) Western Trollheim
Praistan Ebola chathead Praistan Ebola Spirit Tree North-eastern Brimhaven
Prissy Scilla chathead Prissy Scilla Wood tree West of Gnome Agility Course, Tree Gnome Stronghold
Rhazien chathead Rhazien Bush South-eastern Etceteria
Rhonen chathead Rhonen Hop North of McGrubor's Wood
Sior chathead Sior Elder tree Eastern Crwys Clan district, Prifddinas
Selena chathead Selena Hop North-central Yanille
Taria chathead Taria Bush Western Rimmington
Torrell chathead Torrell Bush South of East Ardougne
Treznor chathead Treznor Wood tree South-eastern Varrock Palace gardens
Vasquen chathead Vasquen Hop South-east of Champions' Guild
Yulf Squecks chathead Yulf Squecks Spirit tree South-eastern Etceteria
Zombie farmer chathead Zombie farmer Fruit tree, Vine bush, Vine herb Central Herblore Habitat