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Fun Item Shop only appears during events and may not be currently found in game.
Fun Item Shop
Fun Item Shop
Release date 29 June 2015 (Update)
Removal date 1 September 2015 (Update)
Members No
Location Lumbridge Crater
Owner Flo
Specialty None
Flo location

The Fun Item Shop is a shop that sells beach-related items with RuneCoins. It is run by Flo, and located at the Summer Beach Party in 2015, 2016, and 2017.


2017 ItemsEdit

Item Cost GE price GP per RuneCoin
Bubble blower token Bubble blower token 200 RuneCoins 105,088 525.44
Palm tree rest emote token Palm tree rest emote token 150 RuneCoins 379,268 2,528.45
Kauai parasol token Kauai parasol token 50 RuneCoins 44,267 885.34
O'ahu parasol token O'ahu parasol token 50 RuneCoins 41,838 836.76
Kahului parasol token Kahului parasol token 50 RuneCoins 43,539 870.78
Maui parasol token Maui parasol token 50 RuneCoins 49,687 993.74
Hawai'i parasol token Hawai'i parasol token 50 RuneCoins 47,920 958.4

2016 ItemsEdit

Item Cost GE price GP per RuneCoin
Sand dunk resting emote token Sand dunk resting emote token 150 RuneCoins 38,897 259.31
Hacky sack resting emote token Hacky sack resting emote token 150 RuneCoins 2,976,098 19,840.65
Duck ring token Duck ring token 200 RuneCoins 907,182 4,535.91
Lifeguard chair head token Lifeguard chair head token 25 RuneCoins 18,646 565.03
Buried in sand rest emote token Buried in sand rest emote token 33 RuneCoins 118,529 3,591.79
Surfboard emote token Surfboard emote token 33 RuneCoins 76,884 2,329.82
Beach ball token Beach ball token 10 RuneCoins 12,238 1,223.8
Throwing disc token Throwing disc token 10 RuneCoins 7,170 717

2015 ItemsEdit

Item Cost GE price GP per RuneCoin
Challenge gem Challenge gem x6 45 RuneCoins 803,700 17,860
Masterwork music box Masterwork music box 108 RuneCoins Untradeable N/A

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