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Fumus is one of the four mages guarding Nex at the Ancient Prison located in the God Wars Dungeon. Each of these mages has mastered one of the elements of the ancient spellbook, with Fumus being the master of smoke. Fumus' attacks have a chance to poison players, similar to Nex's smoke attacks during the first phase, causing about 250-350 poison damage until it disappears.


Item Quantity Rarity GE price
Ancient ceremonial maskAncient ceremonial mask1Rare20,069
Ancient ceremonial legsAncient ceremonial legs1Rare44,309
Ancient ceremonial topAncient ceremonial top1Rare67,989
Ancient ceremonial bootsAncient ceremonial boots1Rare14,987
Ancient ceremonial glovesAncient ceremonial gloves1Rare19,796

Universal dropsEdit

Universal drops are dropped by nearly every monster outside of Daemonheim.
These drops are dropped alongside main drops.
Item Quantity Rarity GE price
Key tokenKey token1RareNot sold


Fumus concept art

Concept art of Fumus

  • As with the name of all these mages, Fumus's name is derived from a Latin word fumus, meaning 'smoke'.
  • Like the other mages of Nex, Fumus' armour looks similar to that of the Virtus armour. The only major difference is the colour.
  • Prior to the God Wars Dungeon graphical update, Fumus wore Ancient ceremonial robes that had a somewhat grey tint on them.
  • Fumus, along with Umbra, Cruor, and Glacies, has a damage cap of 1300.
  • Like Nex during the Smoke phase, Fumus can cause poison to players he can attack. However, following the Evolution of Combat, Smoke spells lower a player's accuracy rather than causing poison. This may be an oversight by Jagex.
  • Players with an aggressive familiar can have them attack Fumus (or the other mages), but until Nex calls their name, they will not suffer any damage.
Facts about "Fumus"RDF feed
All Combat experience1,085.4 +
All Combat level111 +
All Is members onlytrue
All Release date10 January 2011 +
Combat experience1,085.4 +
Combat level111 +
Drop JSON{ "name": "Ancient ceremonial mask", "quantity": [1,1], "rarity": "Rare" }, { "name": "Ancient ceremonial legs", "quantity": [1,1], "rarity": "Rare" }, { "name": "Ancient ceremonial top", "quantity": [1,1], "rarity": "Rare" }, { "name": "Ancient ceremonial boots", "quantity": [1,1], "rarity": "Rare" }, { "name": "Ancient ceremonial gloves", "quantity": [1,1], "rarity": "Rare" } and { "name": "Key token", "quantity": [1,1], "rarity": "Rare" }
Drops itemAncient ceremonial mask +, Ancient ceremonial legs +, Ancient ceremonial top +, Ancient ceremonial boots +, Ancient ceremonial gloves + and Key token +
Is members onlytrue
Release date10 January 2011 +

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