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A Full helmet is armour worn in the headwear slot. Full helmets are stronger than medium helmets, providing a higher defence bonus, and are used primarily by warriors. The helmets, as with all melee oriented gear, give good defence against range attacks, but are weak against magic.

Full helms are heavier in comparison to medium helmets, some full helmets and their trimmed parts do have plumes. Trimmed and Gold-Trimmed armours have grey and gold plumes respectively, and the god helmets have plume colours representing the god to which they are aligned.  Full helms while providing more defence than medium helms, but provides the same health bonuses.

Normal full helmetsEdit

Metal Level Defence-icon Constitution-icon GE Price
Bronze full helm Bronze full helm 1 Defence-icon 30 60 69 coins (update)
Iron full helm Iron full helm 10 Defence-icon 40 120 75 coins (update)
Steel full helm Steel full helm 20 Defence-icon 63 240 555 coins (update)
Black full helm Black full helm 25 Defence-icon 76 300 702 coins (update)
White full helm White full helm* 25 Defence-icon 76 300 3,746 coins (update)
Mithril full helm Mithril full helm 30 Defence-icon 90 360 930 coins (update)
Adamant full helm Adamant full helm 40 Defence-icon 125 480 1,659 coins (update)
Rune full helm Rune full helm 50 Defence-icon 170 600 19,896 coins (update)
Dragon full helm Dragon full helm 60 Defence-icon 226 720 6,375,160 coins (update)

Special full helmetsEdit

Trivia Edit

  • In RuneScape Classic, full helmets were known as "large helmets".
  • On 1 July 2008, when Jagex released RuneScape High Definition, all full helmets except the Black full helmet were mistakenly rendered with red plumes, rather than the normal blue plumes. A Rune full helm looked identical to a Zamorak full helm. This bug was quickly fixed by Jagex.
  • A recent update has made it so that the bottom part of a full helmet moves as the player talks. Considering there is no joint, this looks very odd.
  • The helmets in Dungeoneering are referred to as full helms, even though there are no medium helmets in that skill.
  • Steel or Rune full helms can be painted with 48 Crafting - this makes them "heraldic"; their colour will reflect the colour of your ancestors, and it will have the appearance of an unupdated full helm, with the rims as a face, but they can be seen through. The joints also move when talking. Note: When doing this, they become untradeable, and cannot be reverted - the only reason to do it is for the aesthetic purpose. Also, they retain their Amour+Life Point bonus.

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