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This article is about the item used to unlock the Frozen door. For the key retrieved during The Fremennik Trials, see Frozen key (The Fremennik Trials).
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Frozen key detail

The Frozen key is used to open the frozen door in the God Wars Dungeon. Behind the door is the Ancient Prison, containing Zaros' followers and their leader, Nex. The key is combined from four parts, each one dropped by a combatant of the other four gods in the God Wars Dungeon — however, only monsters in the gods' strongholds (not boss rooms or the monsters fighting outside in the central room). This makes level 70 Strength, Agility, Ranged and Constitution necessary to obtain the key. None of the stats can be boosted. Completion of The Dig Site quest is also required for putting the key together.

Once created, the key has 10 charges, and it can hold up to 100. A charge will be used each time the frozen door is opened, and the key will end up in a degraded state once all charges have been used. The key can be repaired by Bob in Lumbridge for a cost based on your Smithing level. The cost of repairing one charge varies from 49,200 coins at 1 Smithing to 10,000 coins at 99 Smithing, with 400 coins saved per Smithing level. You can also repair it on an armour stand in a player-owned house, where the cost will work in exactly the same way.

Upon death the Frozen Key will not be protected by player gravestones, so it is highly recommended to protect this item to avoid reclaiming all of the key pieces again, especially if the player has died in Nex's room. As an alternative, the Frozen Key can be banked in the banking area just before entering the main room for the real fight.

This key cannot be put onto the steel key ring.


  • The key looks identical to the ragged elemental key from the Elemental Workshop III quest and similar to the lever key from the Buyers and Cellars quest except for the colour. The key pieces also have the same inventory icons as the mask parts from the Mask of dragith nurn.
  • During the Wild Weekends: Double Drops (19–21 May 2012) and Winter Weekends: Double Drops (1-3 December 2012), all the keys could be found in double, but you could only pick one, making the other useless.

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