Frozen gorajan trailblazer outfit equipped

The frozen gorajan trailblazer outfit is a Dungeoneering outfit that could be obtained from Treasure Hunter. Components of the Frozen gorajan trailblazer outfit could be won from 00:00-23:59 15 February 2018. Components could also be won 18-19 February 2018 along with components of the occult gorajan trailblazer outfit, furnished gorajan trailblazer outfit and abandoned gorajan trailblazer outfit.

The frozen gorajan trailblazer outfit can be combined with the occult gorajan trailblazer outfit, furnished gorajan trailblazer outfit and the Abandoned Gorajan Trailblazer outfit to make the warped gorajan trailblazer outfit for additional benefits. Pieces of the furnished gorajan trailblazer outfit can only be traded for other parts of the gorajan trailblazer outfits. They cannot be traded for anything else.

Set effectsEdit

When the full set is owned, it has the following effects:

  • +5% experience boost to all skills within Dungeoneering.
  • +5% base experience for the floor (also increases tokens earned).
  • 5% reduced depletion rate on skilling nodes.
  • "Ice walking boots" passive effect that stops the player from slipping on ice within frozen floors.
  • 10% chance of not using up a Dungeoneering lock melter.
  • 3 additional daily Sinkhole teleports.

Outfit piecesEdit