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Frost dragons are dangerous level 112 dragons residing in the Asgarnian Ice Dungeon resource dungeon. Frost dragons are often killed for their valuable frost dragon bones, worth 13,344 coins, as well as the chance of other valuable drops such as the draconic visage.


To access the Asgarnian Ice Dungeon resource dungeon, 85 Dungeoneering is needed. It is also suggested to have a good stab weapon, 80+ in all combat stats in your choice of combat class, 70+ prayer and 52+ summoning.


The chaotic rapier, chaotic crossbowdrygore rapier, as well as the lower powered brackish blade and Korasi's sword are good for killing frost dragons because of their high stab bonuses. The Zamorakian spear/Chaotic spear is also effective.

Their magic attack is very inaccurate, however it hits between 100-200 and can kill a player over time, therefore a familiar such as a unicorn or bunyip will extend trips. Frost dragons always stick to ranged or magic attacks throughout the fight.

The fastest method of killing the dragons is to use armour with high melee defence bonuses with the Soul Split curse Piety/Turmoil activated. Suggested for this is Superior Tetsu armour because of the hefty defence bonuses it offers.

Players with lower than 70 defence should not use melee as the dragon can hit up to 220 with melee which requires significant food. Also, players with a large amount of lag should not attempt to kill them, because depending on your max hit and attack level, you can end up killing yourself without seeing the orb ability activating.

Warpriest armour can prove to be a quality low level substitute to higher leveled armour as it provides respectable balanced defense from their strong varied attacks without compromising melee accuracy. In addition to a useful set effect, losing warpriest armour may be less strenuous to re-obtain than the comparable Bandos pieces.

Notes about the Orb attackEdit

Blue orb

Frost Dragon with an active blue orb circling it.

When fighting Frost Dragons, a small blue orb will occasionally appear and start circling the dragon. It is important that you do NOT attack while the orb is out, as it will rebound 80% of any damage you would've dealt.

  • The Orb appears at random, and keeps circling the dragon for 2.5 circles after which damage can then be dealt to the dragon normally.
  • Familiars can still attack the dragon during this period without any recoil damage to either the familiar or the player
  • The Orb attack only starts if the dragon is attacking you.
  • The Orb will reflect damage over time effects like Dismember, Slaughter, Combust, Fragmentation Shot, and Deadshot.


Recommended Melee Equipment:

Overload (4)Overload (4)Super prayer (4)Super prayer (4)
Super prayer (4)Super prayer (4)Super prayer (4)Super prayer (4)
Super antifire (4)Super antifire (4)200Healing aura scroll200Magic notepaper 5
Holy wrench1Teleport to house
Recommended Equipment for melee
Slot Item (Most effective → least effective)
Head slot Torva full helm (Superior) Tetsu helm Void melee helm Bandos helmet Verac's Helm
Neck slot Saradomin's whisper Amulet of fury Amulet of glory Desert amulet 3/4 N/A
Cape slot Completionist Cape Tokhaar-Kal Max Cape Soul Wars cape Ardougne cloak 3/4
Torso slot Torva platebody (Superior) Tetsu body Void robe top Bandos chesplate Verac's Brassard
Legs slot Torva platelegs (Superior) Tetsu legs Void robe bottom Bandos tassets Verac's Plateskirt
Weapon slot Drygore rapier Drygore mace Drygore longsword Chaotic rapier Chaotic claw
2h slot Chaotic spear Chaotic maul Zamorakian spear N/A N/A
Off-hand weapon slot Off-hand drygore rapier Off-hand drygore mace Off-hand drygore longsword Offhand chaotic rapier Off hand chaotic claw
Shield slot Dragonfire shield Chaotic shield Anti-dragon shield N/A N/A
Ammo slot N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Gloves slot Torva gloves Pneumatic Gloves Void knight gloves Bandos gloves Ganodermic gloves
Boots slot Torva boots Steadfast boots Bandos boots Ganodermic Boots Dragon boots
Ring slot Warrior ring (i) Onyx ring (i) Sixth-Age circuit Berserker ring (i) Ring of life
Aura slot Supreme reverence Master reverence Penance Vampyrism Knock-out
Pocket slot N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A


Soul Split methodEdit


  • Slice
  • Sever
  • Smash
  • Cleave
  • Fury
  • Dismember
  • Punish
  • Hurricane
  • Assault
  • Shark
  • Soul Split
  • Deflect Magic

With Soul Split and a high-level weapon, you should be able to kill the dragon before the blue orb even appears. Following by keybinds, consecutively activating 6 (Dismember), 8 (Hurricane), 7 (Punish), 4 (Fury), 3 (Smash), 2 (Sever), and 1 (Slice), the dragon will probably be dead, if you did these without stopping. While those abilities are on cool-down, 9 (Assault) can kill the dragon 85% of the time.

Soul Split Healing - melee setup - medium level

The inventory should contain a significant amount of prayer potions, so keep this in mind when preparing. With this method 6-7 Prayer Potions (4) is easily enough for a single trip.

Soul Split Healing - melee setup - high level

Again you will need a considerable amount of prayer potions, but to counter this you should bring some prayer renewal potions to counter the drain. The Reverence aura is also highly recommended for this setup to counter the high rate of prayer drain. Any stat boosting potions will significantly increase your kills per hour, An Enhanced Excalibur is recommended for players who are confident on their abilities and who wish to stay for far longer. Protect from magic will not defend against all the dragonfire. Antifire potions are still required.

It is now advised not to use range. This is because ranged armour has a low ranged defence, and as of the Halloween 2011 update, Frost Dragons now use a ranged attack which hits up to 220 lifepoints. Players can still use range, if they choose, with strong ranged defensive armour, such as Karil's or Armadyl sets. However, prayer-boosting armour, such as initiate, is not recommended, as it has less ranged defence than Black d'hide.

Using Magic is also not recommended against Frost Dragons, as, like most chromatic dragons, they have high magic defence. Spells will splash very often, with the exception of Storm of Armadyl coupled with an Armadyl Battlestaff, which is slightly more effective. However, the 262 coins per cast will significantly decrease profits. Also, ranged damage from the Frost Dragons will be significant due to the low ranged defence of Magic armour, unless a player wishes to use Ganodermic armour with the use of Protect/Deflect ranged, which is useful as it will give high magic defence and soak from their damage and you will block all Ranged attacks.

A decent way to bank frost dragon bones and replenish supplies is to use an Explorer's Ring 3 or 4 to enable quick banking at Draynor Village. Along with that, players coming from the north can use the small church nearby to recover any prayer points, if needed. An even better way is to use a Ring of Duelling or Ring of kinship paired with a Ring of slaying to give almost instant access to a bank and fairy ring. Since Mudskipper Point is the first on the fairy ring travel log, you can travel there very quickly. They can also use the Teleport to House tab if their PoH is in Rimmington. This is effective, but players will need to stock on Teleport to House tabs.

Possibly the best way as of March 2012 is to have a Tokkul-Zo equipped and bank using the teleport on the ring then lodestone back to Port Sarim while restoring prayer and summoning points as you run back to the dragons.

After the October 2011 update with the new ranged attack, the Frost Dragon will only use either its ranged or magic attack for the entire fight. The chance is random, so it is advised to change to the corresponding prayer depending on the first regular attack, whether it is a ranged attack (thin blue projectile) or a magic attack (Water spell), and you will not receive any damage from the regular attacks.

NOTE: Logging out in the Frost Dragon lair will put you outside of the resource dungeon entrance. If you die in the Frost Dragon lair, your gravestone will spawn outside the resource dungeon entrance.

Ranged methodEdit

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This is recommended for players who want to get a dragon before another player gets to it. Even against their ranged attack, a good ranged setup can block most of the dragon's ranged attack, and it is rare to get hit over 200. The other good reason is because players cannot hit too high for the hit to kill themselves, unlike hitting too high with melee and killing yourself or wounding you badly.


Your familiar should have:

  • 2-3 high level food

Keep all the other spaces for your frost dragon bones or any other valuable item(s).

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