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Frogland (#315)
Audio options icon (link)
Release date 1 August 2005 (Update)
Members No
Location Frogland
Quest No
Unlock hint This track was unlocked automatically.
Instruments Bass, pizzicato strings, clarinet, tuba, xylophone, woodblock, horn, bassoon
Duration 02:05
Composer Ian Taylor
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Frogland is a music track that is unlocked automatically. Before the update on 24 October 2012, it was unlocked in the Kiss the frog random event.


The track is a moderately fast paced song in the mode B♭ lydian. It has an overall bouncy feel that is contrasted by its chromatic chorus.

The track begins with its bouncy bass line that persists throughout the first section of the song. A consistent beat is held by unpitched percussion. The melody is played on the clarinet.

The chorus is much a juxtaposition to the verse; it features heavy use of the chromatic scale and switches from woodwind to string instruments as the feature. Plucked strings play a chromatic scale from D down to A♭ three times before going down the scale for the entire octave. This repeats, however, slightly more emphasised with a stronger dynamic.

The original verse is repeated, this time with more musical embellishment. Blasts from a horn harmonise the melody, and scattered percussion may be heard. After this verse, a melody is played on the bassoon that mimics the original melody.

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