Fremennik Spiritual Realm
Fremennik spiritual realm
Also known as Valhalla
Release date 15 December 2009 (Update)
Kingdom Fremennik Province
Members area Yes
Main music The Fallen Hero
Leader Eir
Teleportation None
Bank map icon None Altar map icon None

The Fremennik spiritual realm is the place where Fremennik warriors go when they are killed in battle. It is the afterlife of the realm humans originated from[1], as the Fremennik do not consider Gielinor to be their true home. Eir greets the warriors and grants them access to Valhalla where they can eat, drink, and talk until the end of all things.

Fremennik spiritual longhall

The afterlife's longhall

The player visits the realm when they are killed by falling rocks while rescuing King Vargas during Blood Runs Deep. After talking to Eir, Nial Swiftfling and Asleif Hamalsdotter also greet the player, reflecting on experiences from Glorious Memories. Afterwards, the player is taken back to the real world to continue the battle against the Dagannoth. Players will also arrive here if they die while fighting the Dagannoth Mother.

The player cannot enter the longhouse because they have not truly died yet. Eir says that if the player does die, then they can enter like any other Fremennik.


  • The Fremennik spiritual realm is based on the real-world legend of Asgard, an afterlife where the Vikings believed they would go when they died. The RuneScape world of Yu'biusk, where the goblin race is said to travel upon death, is also based on Asgard.
  • Valhalla is exactly the same as the Longhall in Rellekka. Chieftain Brundt, after the quest, reveals that the Longhall in Rellekka was an exact copy of the one in the Spiritual realm.


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