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This is the quick guide for Fremennik achievements.
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Items needed:
  • Less summoning points than usual or a summoning pouch.
    • This achievement can be done at 1 Summoning, with 0.1 experience in Summoning if you use a spirit wolf pouch to drain your summoning points.
  • No runes or arrows to be able to look at Barbarian Assault tutorial
  • Some combat gear
  • Antipoison (recommended, but not required)
  • A games necklace (recommended, but not required)
Skills needed:
  • 10 Slayer


Items needed:
Skills needed:
  • 55 Hunter
  • 48 Cooking
  • 42 Thieving
  • 33 Crafting
  • 20 Defence
Quests needed:


Items needed:

Suggested Items:

Skills needed:
  • 65 Magic
  • 60 Mining
  • 55 Fishing
  • 54 Woodcutting
  • 52 Crafting (Though 61 is needed to start Lunar Diplomacy)
  • 52 Firemaking
  • 50 Defence and 50 Ranged or 50 Magic (For the armour-wearing achievement)
  • 35 Strength
  • High combat level recommended for the mithril dragon achievement
  • 35 Agility
Quests needed:


Items needed:
Skills needed:
Quests needed:

Full list of items neededEdit

Recommended itemsEdit

Minimum skill levelEdit

The minimum unboostable levels required to complete all Fremennik achievements are:

Total level: 2025
Attack 75 Constitution 35 Mining 60
Strength 76 Agility 90 Smithing 90
Defence 50 Herblore 80 Fishing 96
Ranged 50 Thieving 42 Cooking 48
Prayer ---- Crafting 85 Firemaking 85
Magic 70 Fletching ---- Woodcutting 54
Runecrafting 82 Slayer 93 Farming 60
Construction 50 Hunter 55 Summoning ----
Dungeoneering ---- Divination ---- Invention ----
Attack style icon fixed 61 Quest ---- Music icon fixed ----
Task icon fixed ---- Runescore -----

Fremennik IslesEdit

Items needed: Yak-hide armour (Body and Legs), Games necklace
  • Travel to Neitiznot, head northeast inside the city and run far east to go up a ladder to a tower.
  • Talk to a guard to initiate a shouting match. (Chat 1) (This is about 20-30 seconds long)
  • After this, cut an Arctic Pine for its log. (This is used for later) Then cross over the second bridge.
  • Equip yak-hide armour and kill a Ice troll male. Ice troll runts or Ice troll female do not work to complete this task.

Barbarian LandsEdit

Items needed: Weapons and armour to kill a mithril dragon, Anti-dragon shield or Dragonfire shield


Items needed: 500 Coins, 3 Molten glass, 3 Buckets of sand, 3 Soda ashes, slightly drained Summoning points, Bucket of Milk or Bucket, Pet rock, Rockshell armour, Spined armour or Skeletal armour
  • Talk to Yrsa to open Yrsa's Shoe Store options for recolouring your boots.
    • No armour, weapons, familiars or customizations are allowed to be active to recolour your boots. (Save them now)
    • You do not have to recolour your boots for this task to be completed.
  • Head to the Furnace just southwest and make three vials inside this building.
  • Steal a fish from the Fish Stall in the Rellekka marketplace.
  • Catch a Tuna barehanded on the docks north of here.
  • Talk to Brundt the Chieftain and Learn of the history of the Fremennik and the Outerlanders. (Chat 443)
  • Interact with your Pet rock. (Chat ~)
  • Head to the Summoning Obelisk just a few steps south of Rellekka's gates and recharge your Summoning points.
  • Head to the Dairy churn northwest of the obelisk inside the town and churn Dairy churn to make a Cheese wheel.
    • If you only have a bucket, you can milk a Dairy cow nearby.
  • Equip either your Rockshell armour, Spined armour or Skeletal armour and speak to a local.

Fremennik ProvinceEdit

Items needed: Dramen or Lunar staff, teasing stick, logs, ring of charos (a), lyre, raw bass

After that, head to the Council workman on the bridge between Seers' Village and Rellekka to claim your Easy rewards for completing all easy tasks. Run back to Rellekka (or use your newly Recharged Lyre) to claim Medium rewards for completing the Medium Difficulty Tasks by speaking to Yrsa.

Lunar Island, Miscellania and Waterbirth IslandEdit

Items needed: Weapon and armour to kill 3 Dagannoths, Food, Coins, an Uncooked pie, 1 astral rune, 5 fire runes and 4 water runes

Congratulations on your boots!