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Fremennik Province Tasks
Fremennik Tasks
Release date 9 December 2008 (Update)
Area(s) Rellekka, Jatizso, Neitiznot, Waterbirth Island, Miscellania, Barbarian Outpost and Lunar Isle
Members only? Yes
Reward Boots
Lamp XP rewards 5,000
40,000 + 4x 30,000
Taskmasters Council workman, Yrsa and Advisor Ghrim
Total level: 1482
Attack-icon 75 Constitution-icon ---- Mining-icon 60
Strength-icon 76 Agility-icon 90 Smithing-icon 90
Defence-icon 40 Herblore-icon 80 Fishing-icon 96
Ranged-icon 40 Thieving-icon 42 Cooking-icon 53
Prayer-icon 43 Crafting-icon 85 Firemaking-icon 85
Magic-icon 70 Fletching-icon 25 Woodcutting-icon 56
Runecrafting-icon 82 Slayer-icon 93 Farming-icon 60
Construction-icon 50 Hunter-icon 55 Summoning-icon 1
Dungeoneering-icon ---- Divination-icon ----
Attack style icon fixed 85
Quest icon fixed 56 Music icon fixed ----

The Fremennik Province Tasks are the part of the tasks relating to the Fremennik Province and its surrounding area, and was added on 9 December 2008. Start by speaking to the Council Workman on the bridge between Seers' Village and Rellekka, Yrsa in Rellekka, or Advisor Ghrim on Miscellania. Look for the green star icon Task map icon on the minimap.

To complete the entire Fremennik Province Tasks, you will need the stats shown to the right, as well as various Quest requirements (shown below).

Completing the entire Fremennik Province Tasks except the Elite tasks and the Livid Farm task (despite being counted as a hard task) is a requirement for the quest Blood Runs Deep.

Skill boostsEdit

If your skill level is not high enough to complete a certain task, temporary boosts may be available to raise it to allow completion. See skills for more information.

Easy TasksEdit

Audio options icon
Easy task complete!
Items needed:
  • A harpoon or small net (unless using barbarian harpooning).
  • Less summoning points than usual or a summoning pouch.
    • This task can be done at 1 Summoning, with 0.1 experience in Summoning if you use a spirit wolf pouch to drain your summoning points.
  • No runes or arrows to be able to look at Barbarian Assault tutorial
  • Some combat gear
  • Anti-poison potion (recommended, but not required)
  • A games necklace (recommended, but not required)
Skills needed:
  • 16 Fishing-icon
  • 10 Slayer-icon
Task Description Quest(s) Needed Skill(s) Needed Item(s) Needed Notes
1. Bring the Antipoisons Kill a cave crawler in the Fremennik Slayer Dungeon None 10 Slayer-icon
  • Anti-poison Potion (required if the cave crawler poisons you, and it does rarely).
2. Why Won't You Die? Kill five rock crabs on the shore near Rellekka or on Waterbirth Island None None Combat Gear
3. King Conifer Find the highest tree on the Fremennik mainland None None None
4.Assaulted Goodies View the rewards in the Barbarian Assault tutorial None None Games necklace (recommended)
  • Use Games necklace to get there quickly. You cannot have any runes or arrows or you will not be able to view the tutorial.
5. Oxymoron Incarnate Speak to Otto Godblessed about barbarian training None None Games necklace (recommended)
6. Why Did the Lobster Blush? Collect three seaweed from the shore north-east of Rellekka None None None
  • Can drop and pick up 3 times
7. Hunting the Hunter Find the Hunting expert (Trollweiss) on the northern ice plains None None None
  • To the right of Olaf Hradson (he is North of the fairy ring D•K•S), is a path leading northward. Stay on this path to reach a big ice platform with stairs. Go up the stairs, and find the Hunting Expert in the north west corner.
8. Peer Off the Pier Catch a fish off one of Rellekka's piers None 16 Fishing-icon Harpoon, rod with bait, or small fishing net.
  • You can use Barbarian training fishing as well (Lobster and Shark do not count) Don't forget a small fishing net or a harpoon if you don't have Barbarian training fishing!
9. A Familiar Feeling Recharge your Summoning points near Rellekka's gate None None None
  • You must NOT have full summoning points.
  • 1 Summon pures: Summon a 'Spirit Wolf' while standing next to the Obelisk. Recharge your points and dismiss the familiar. You gain 0.1 exp. (Skills interface still says 0 summoning exp) You can also have your summoning points drained from the area outside the god wars dungeon and then recharge at the assigned obelisk. This gives you no exp at all.

10.Endangered Species

Kill an adult black unicorn None None Combat gear

Map of Easy Tasks

Easy Task TipsEdit

  • For doing some of the tasks the fairy ring transport is very useful as it leaves you near some of the tasks. Fairy Ring code A•J•R is near the slayer cave, and code D•K•S is near the northern shore of Rellekka, on the slope of the snowy mountains.
  • Take all necessary materials/armour and teleportation runes beforehand so you don't have to go far to a bank.
  • If you are struggling to find the 'highest tree' then go up the snowy mountain near the fairy ring and walk to the tree.
  • For the seaweed, rock crabs, black unicorn and cave crawler tasks, go to the area north of the slayer cave. Collect the seaweed then kill the crabs. On your way to the slayer caves kill the black unicorn, then go inside the cave and kill the crawler.
  • If you have the required fishing level to catch fish without a harpoon, you will also complete a Hard task, thereby shortening your tasks.
  • For the seaweed, you can just pick up one seaweed at the Fremennik shore, drop it, and repeat.
  • For pures that wish to stay 1 summoning. You may summon a Spirit Wolf and recharge your summoning points at the obelisk without gaining noticeable exp. (You gain 0.1 exp but due to rounding down the game will still show 0 exp in your skills interface.)

Easy Task RewardsEdit

Audio options icon
Easy task set complete!

Talk to the Council workman on the bridge between Seers' Village and Rellekka to claim your reward Fremennik Sea Boots 1

The Fremennik Sea Boots 1 allows you to:

  • They also allow you to contact the Fossegrimen from afar allowing you to make a sacrifice and enchant your lyre.
  • The Fossegrimen will give your lyre 2 extra enchantments when you make her an offering in person.


  • Antique lamp - 5,000 experience in any skill over 30. (This is the only easy task set whose reward is a 5,000 experience lamp; usually it's only 1,000 experience.)

Medium TasksEdit

Audio options icon
Medium task complete!
Items needed:
Skills needed:
  • 55 Hunter-icon
  • 48 Cooking-icon
  • 42 Thieving-icon
  • 33 Crafting-icon
  • 20 Defence-icon
Quests needed:
Task Description Quests needed Other requirements Notes
Fremennik History 101 1 - Learn the history of the Fremennik and the Outerlanders from Chieftain Brundt The Fremennik Trials None
  • Chieftain Brundt is in the long hall north of the entrance to Rellekka. You must use all 3 options.
Cool Story, Bro 2 - Watch a shouting match between Fremennik Isles tower guards. The towers are where Jatizso and Neitiznot face each other across a strait, one on each side. The Fremennik Isles None
  • Take the boat from the north-east Rellekka pier. From Jatizso, go west to the tower, or east for Neitiznot. Climb the tower, right-click the guard and select "Watch-shouting".
Who's a Good Boy? 3 - Interact with a Pet rock The Fremennik Trials None
  • If you've dropped your Pet rock it can be re-obtained from Askeladden in front of the longhall's entrance.
Only Takes a Little Vial 4 - Make three vials in the furnace building at Rellekka The Fremennik Trials 33 Crafting-icon
You Know You Want It! 5 - Charm the Fossegrimen into accepting a raw bass The Fremennik Trials
Garden of Tranquillity

Ring of charos (a), raw bass
an uncharged lyre

  • Sacrifice a raw bass while having your lyre in your inventory and having Ring of Charos (a) equipped, and talk to the Fossegrimen to have your lyre enchanted. She is located south-west of Rellekka.
  • The lyre must have no charges to attempt this.
  • You can not use the Fremennik boots, you have to go to the altar.
Yak Attack 6 - Wear yak-hide armour and kill an ice troll The Fremennik Isles 20 Defence-icon
  • You must kill an ice troll male that is across the bridges of either Neitiznot or Jatizso for it to work. (Ice troll runts underground in the Jatizso mining area will NOT work.) Neitiznot's trolls must be killed across the second set of bridges (snowy ground). You must wear the yak-hide armour in the torso and leg slots. (Protect from missiles or Deflect Missiles recommended). You can wear additional armour and weapons.
Fremmental 7 - Make a Cheese Wheel in the dairy churn in Rellekka The Fremennik Trials 48 Cooking-icon
Fairy Mountaneering 8 - Use a fairy ring to appear on a mountaintop, near the windswept tree A Fairy Tale Part II - Cure a Queen (Fairy Ring access) None
You Really Don't Need Any More Shoes 9 - Look at Yrsa’s options for recolouring your boots in her clothes shop in Rellekka The Fremennik Trials None
  • You do not need to change boots to complete this task.
Big Game Hunter 10 - Successfully hunt a sabre-toothed kyatt None 55 Hunter-icon
  • Bring a Teasing stick, Hatchet, and a Knife.
  • (If you are close to the required Hunter level and have completed As a First Resort..., you can take a dip in the Energy Spring and the Mud Bath and teleport to Fremennik and hunt the Kyatts).
Grand Theft Fish 11 - Steal a fish from the fishing stall in the Rellekka marketplace The Fremennik Trials 42 Thieving-icon
  • Lobsters are not fish and do not count for this task

Map of Medium Tasks

Medium Task TipsEdit

  • Use protect prayers to kill the troll. Can either be Ice troll Male or Female
  • For a quick and easy way to complete the hunter task at 50 hunter, make sure you have an enchanted lyre with you when you take a dip in the spa. First dip in the salt-water spring, then the mud bath, teleporting with the lyre afterwards for a quick and easy run to the hunting area. Alternatively, use a house teleport to a house in Rellekka (be sure to change the teleport option to transport you outside of the house portal).
  • It´s possible to do the medium task at lvl 48 hunting using both the mud and saltwater bath from As a First Resort... (Spa) in combination with an Arctic Bear The only downside to this is the moderately high summoning requirement.
  • When killing an Ice Troll, you can weaken it with other armour (i.e. not yak-hide armour), but the killing blow must be dealt while wearing yak-hide.

Medium Task RewardsEdit

Talk to Yrsa in the clothing shop in Rellekka to claim your reward.

Your Fremennik Sea Boots 1 will be enchanted to Fremennik Sea Boots 2

In addition to the Easy rewards, the new boots allow for the following:

  • Shortcut jump between the piers of Miscellania and Etceteria while wearing the boots. Step on the 'Broken pier' at the north end of the Miscellania pier.
  • Increases your approval rating faster than normal at Miscellania and Etceteria.
  • Once per day they can be used to teleport with the lyre without spending a charge. You need to be carrying your lyre to be able to use this free teleport.


Hard TasksEdit

Audio options icon
Hard task complete!
Items needed:

Suggested Items:

Skills needed:
  • 55 Fishing-icon
  • 54 Woodcutting-icon
  • 52 Crafting-icon (Though 61 is needed to start Lunar Diplomacy)
  • 52 Firemaking-icon
  • 50 Defence-icon and 50 Ranged-icon or 50 Magic-icon (For the armour-wearing task)
  • 35 Strength-icon
  • 60 Mining-icon
  • High combat level recommended for the mithril dragon task
  • 70 Magic-icon
  • 35 Agility-icon
  • 50 Construction-icon
  • The "Totally Livid" task, which is NOT required to unlock the sea boots requires:
    • 60 Agility-icon
    • 60 Crafting-icon
    • 60 Farming-icon
Quests needed:
Task Description Quest/s needed Other requirements Notes
Defeating Deadly Dagannoths 1 - Kill three dagannoths in the first layer of the Waterbirth Island Dungeon The Fremennik Trials High combat skills recommended
  • Talk to Jarvald on the westernmost dock in Rellekka to reach the island. The dagannoths are weak to earth spells.
Dress to Impress 2 - Wear rockshell, spined or skeletal armour and have the locals use an honorific with your Fremennik name

The Fremennik Trials

50 Defence-icon and optionally 50 Magic-icon or 50 Ranged-icon depending on armour type
  • The core three components of the full set (helm, body, legs) are needed in order to complete this task. Simply talk to a local in Rellekka. Rockshell armour is the easiest and cheapest to obtain.
  • (You can use your sea boots to talk to the Fossegrimen from anywhere in the world and this will unlock.
The Graceful Barbarian 3 - Complete the Barbarian Outpost Agility Course None 35 Agility-icon, and have completed the bar crawl miniquest.
Runes on the Moon 4 - Mine pure essence on Lunar Isle Lunar Diplomacy 60 Mining-icon
  • Bring a Pickaxe. Mine the essence in the Lunar Mines.
Pyre At Will 5 - Make a barbarian pyre ship from arctic pine logs None 52 Crafting-icon, 52 Firemaking-icon, and 54 Woodcutting-icon (for obtaining log)
Fish Fingers 6 - Catch a tuna without a harpoon None Complete the bare-handed section of the Barbarian Training, 35 Strength-icon, and 55 Fishing-icon
  • There are plenty of tuna catching spots on the docks around the Fremennik Province.
Easy As Pie 7 - Bake a pie using Magic Lunar Diplomacy 65 Magic-icon, be on the Lunar spellbook, and have an uncooked pie in inventory. (Note: You must have the cooking level required for the pie that you are trying to bake.)
  • 1Astral rune5Fire rune4Water rune
How To Maim Your Dragon 8 - Kill a Mithril dragon None Complete the firemaking section of the Barbarian Training.
  • High combat skills strongly recommended. The Mithril dragon is weak to earth spells and bane ammo, so it is recommended to use these to take one down quickly.
A Periodic Table 9 - Get mahogany from your Etceterian subjects Royal Trouble Sufficient coins in the royal coffers combined with sufficiently high approval rating for a minimum time duration of one day.
  • 37,500 coins for one day with 100% approval should yield 1 mahogany log.
  • You may also simply change one gatherer to mahogany before you collect your resources for this task to be completed.
Totally Livid Unlock the first spell by helping out on the Livid Farm Lunar Diplomacy 70 Magic-icon, 60 Farming-icon, 60 Agility-icon, 60 Crafting-icon, 50 Construction-icon
  • Lunar Isle Lodestone Teleport is helpful.
  • This task is NOT required for the Fremennik sea boots 3 or Blood Runs Deep.

Map of Hard Tasks

Hard Task TipsEdit

  • It might be easier and cheaper to buy raw materials needed for the armour (Skeletal armour, Spined armour or Rockshell armour) and then have them made by Skulgrimen.
  • It is not required to kill the spirit that emerges from the pyre.
  • Chewed or mangled bones are needed to make the funeral pyre. Mangled bones are dropped by the Confused Barbarian. He is located in an alcove in the ancient cavern near the brutal green dragons, and is weak to water spells. Be careful when making the pyre with these bones as a level 152 angry spirit will attack, and can hit into the 300s frequently.
  • It is not required to catch the tuna in Rellekka, you can use any harpoon spot, for example in Catherby.
  • If you are worried about killing the Mithril Dragon because you are a low level, you may simply attack it once and then have a friend finish it off.
  • If your kingdom already has resources which you have not collected, talk to Advisor Ghrim and he will ask you if you wish to see what your subject have collected, select "no". Adjust your settings so you have workers collecting mahogany logs, and then close the screen. Start up a new conversation with Advisor Ghrim and this time ask to see what they have collected. You will have Mahogany logs, assuming you have enough money and workers set to Mahogany logs.

Hard Task RewardsEdit

Audio options icon
Completing all hard tasks

Speak to Advisor Ghrim on Miscellania to claim the rewards.

Your Fremennik Sea Boots 2 will be enchanted to Fremennik Sea Boots 3.

In addition to the Easy and Medium rewards, the new boots allow for the following:

  • The ability to change the lyre teleport destination to Waterbirth Island by talking to Olaf the Bard.
  • The ability to sell flatpack furniture to Advisor Ghrim. All money made this way will be put directly into the kingdom's coffers. Advisor Ghrim does not accept noted flatpack furniture. Also, be aware that he will only buy your flatpacks at 10% of the value of the materials used to make them.
  • You gain the ability to switch to the Lunar spellbook at the Cadarn Clan altar in Prifddinas (requires Plague's End).

Also: Antique Lamp- 15,000 experience in any skill over level 50. Completing the Hard Tasks (and accepting the reward) is a requirement for the quest Blood Runs Deep.

Elite TasksEdit

Audio options icon
Elite task complete!
Items needed:
Skills needed:
Quests needed:
Task Description Quests Level requirements Notes
Jaws Breaker Catch a shark with your bare hands on Jatizso The Fremennik Trials
Fishing section of Barbarian training
  • Fishing boosts work. Admiral pie may be used to complete this task at level 91 Fishing. Catching a Great white shark at this location will also complete this task.
Limber Lumber Jumper Complete the high-level section of the Barbarian Agility course while wearing an agile top Complete the Barcrawl 90 Agility-icon[B]
  • Agility boosts may be used both to obtain the agile top and finish the task.
Astronomical! Craft 56 or more astral runes simultaneously Lunar Diplomacy 82Runecrafting-icon
First Stryke Kill an Ice strykewyrm None 93 Slayer-icon
  • Finishing this task does not require a player to be assigned Ice Strykewyrms as slayer task, but the player must be able to damage them while having at least level 93 Slayer (boosts will not work) during combat. This means either wearing a Fire cape or setting up a Dwarf multicannon (this method does not allow for boosting Slayer), or have purchased the ability to kill them (which can only be done at 93 Slayer and can not be boosted). You can kill one only once to complete the task without it being your current Slayer task. If a player attempts to attack an ice strykewyrm via conventional means, even via a Ring of recoil, Deflection curses, or poison they will cause no damage.
Leap of Faith Jump the chasm in the Fremennik Slayer Dungeon to gain quick access to the pyrefiends None 81 Agility-icon[B]
  • Boosts may be used, but the ability to do so is fairly irrelevant since another task requires 90 Agility.
No Smoke Without Pyre Make a pyre ship from magic logs Firemaking section of Barbarian Training 85 Crafting-icon[B]
85 Firemaking-icon[B]
  • Boosts may be used, but the firemaking and crafting level must be 85 at the same time, so it is advised to boost firemaking with orange spicy stew and crafting with crafting potions.
  • For this task Mangled bones or Chewed bones are required. Chewed bones can take quite a long time to collect, so it is advised to kill a Confused barbarian inside the Ancient Cavern, or to loot the barbarian corpse there for mangled bones, though this may take a few tries.
This Hasta Work Smith a rune hasta on Otto's anvil Tai Bwo Wannai Trio
Smithing section of Barbarian training
  • Boosts may be used.
Potting With Otto Make a Super ranging mix potion in Otto's hut Herblore section of Barbarian Training 80 Herblore-icon[B]
  • It is not required to make the super ranging potion, you just need to add caviar to a 2-dose super ranging potion inside Otto's hut to complete this task.
Axe'll Grease Use Balmung to kill a Dagannoth Blood Runs Deep 75Attack-icon
  • The Dagannoth has to be in the Fremennik Area. A Dagannoth Guardian kill will not complete the task. The Dagannoths in the Chaos Tunnels will not complete the task.


Speak to Advisor Ghrim on Miscellania to claim the rewards.

Your Fremennik Sea Boots 3 will be enchanted to Fremennik Sea Boots 4

In addition to the Easy, Medium and Hard rewards, the new boots allow for the following:


  • Antique lamp - 40,000 experience in the skill of your choice over level 89
  • Antique lamp - 4 x 30,000 experience in the skill of your choice over level 86


Full list of items neededEdit

Items you may need during the tasksEdit

Start by speaking to Council Workman on the bridge between Seers' Village and Rellekka, Yrsa in Rellekka or Advisor Ghrim on the Miscellania.


Map of All Tasks

Starting out the tasksEdit

  • Verify if you have a pet rock in your bank.
  • Use your lyre to teleport to Rellekka, then walk to Yrsa to start the tasks.
  • If it is uncharged, either walk or use the fairy rings to get near (code D•K•S or A•J•R).


Items needed: 500 coins, 3 molten glass, 3 buckets of sand, 3 soda ash, non-Full Summoning Points, Bucket of Milk (or empty bucket), pet rock, either full rockshell armour, full spined armour or full skeletal armour.

  • Look at Yrsa’s options for recolouring your boots in her clothes shop in Rellekka
  • You're already there, so talk to her. You do not have to accept the transaction for it to work.
  • Make three vials in the furnace building at Rellekka.
  • Head to the marketplace afterwards.
  • Steal a fish from the fishing stall in the Rellekka marketplace
  • Lobsters do not work. Head to the main hall.
  • Learn of the history of the Fremennik and the Outerlanders from Chieftain Brundt.
  • Head to Askeladden if you lost your pet rock, if not, skip to step 5.
  • Interact with a Pet rock
  • Head to the Summoning Obelisk.
  • Recharge your Summoning points near Rellekka's gate.
  • Head to the churn.
  • Make cheese in the dairy churn in Rellekka.
  • If you only have a bucket, there are dairy cows nearby. There is also a bucket of milk respawn between the churn and the mining area.
  • Wear full rockshell, full spined or full skeletal armour and have the locals use an honorific with your Fremennik name.
  • Talk to either Peer the Seer, Sigli the Huntsman or Skulgrimen if you need your armour to be made. After that, find a local to make speak in your favour.
  • Catch a fish off one of Rellekka's piers & Catch a tuna without a harpoon.
  • Take the boat to the Neitiznot after.

Fremennik IslesEdit

Items needed:Yak-Hide armour (body and legs) Suggested Items: Games Necklace, weapon armour to kill a mithril dragon, anti-dragon shield or dragonfire shield, good food, chewed or mangled bones, hatchet, tinderbox. (If you do not take these items from the Neitiznot bank, do not use your games necklace unless you have 2 charges or more, in which case you can teleport to the Wilderness volcano where there is a bank)

  • Watch a shouting match between Fremennik Isles tower guards (the guards can be found between Jatizso and Neitiznot in one of the towers)
  • After this, cut an Arctic Pine for its log. Then head to the island past the second bridge (where there are no Honour Guards).
  • Wear yak-hide armour and kill a male ice troll. The ice troll runts or female ice trolls do not work.
  • You can wear other pieces of armour with yak-hide body and legs. Activate the Games Necklace to the Barbarian Outpost.

Barbarian LandsEdit

Items needed: Weapons and armour to kill a mithril dragon, Anti-dragon shield or Dragonfire shield, good food, hatchet, tinderbox, arctic pine logs. Suggested Items: Chewed or Mangled bones, Teleport to a fairy ring, Dramen staff or Lunar staff. If you wish to open the dragonkin forge (after While Guthix Sleeps) you may wish to bring Strange key loop and Strange key teeth as well as runes for 3 fire waves.

  • View the rewards in the Barbarian Assault tutorial.
  • Head to the agility course.
  • Complete the Barbarian Outpost Agility Course.
  • Head to Otto's Grotto (so if you die in the dungeon, you at least have finished the easy tasks in here.)
  • Speak to Otto Godblessed about barbarian training.
  • Head to the Whirlpool.
  • Kill a mithril dragon.
  • If you do not have mangled or chewed bones on you, get some in the dungeon.
  • Make a barbarian pyre ship from arctic pine
  • If you used mangled bones, beware as a level 152 Spirit will appear. After this, teleport to a fairy ring and then Zanaris.

Fremennik ProvinceEdit

Items needed: Dramen or Lunar staff, teasing stick, logs (or hatchet to cut with), knife, ring of charos (a), lyre, raw bass, seal of passage for Lunar bank (Unless you have done Dream Mentor).

Suggested Items: Antipoison, Weapon and armour.

  • Since you are now in Zanaris , it is a good time to bank. Head to the fairy ring and use the code A•J•R. Once there, enter the slayer dungeon.
  • Kill a cave crawler in the Fremennik Slayer Dungeon.
  • Get out of the dungeon and use the fairy ring.
  • Use a fairy ring to appear on a mountaintop, near the windswept tree.
  • Using code D•K•S, head to the nearby Windswept tree.
  • Find the highest tree on the Fremennik mainland.
  • Head to the Hunting grounds north of here.
  • Successfully hunt a sabre-toothed kyatt.
  • Head to the hunter guide.
  • Find the Hunting Expert on the northern ice plains.
  • Head back to the beach near the fairy ring.
  • Collect three seaweed from the shore north-east of Rellekka.
  • Kill five rock crabs on the shore near Rellekka or on Waterbirth Island.
  • Head south and kill an adult black unicorn.
  • Run south-west to the Fossegrimen.
  • Charm the Fossegrimen into accepting a raw bass. You need to wear the Ring of Charos for it to work.

After that, head to the Council Workman on the bridge between Seers' Village and Rellekka to claim your reward for the easy tasks. Run back to Rellekka (or use your newly Recharged Lyre) to claim your reward for the Medium Difficulty Tasks by speaking to Yrsa. Take the boat to Lunar Island.

Lunar Island, Miscellania and Waterbirth IslandEdit

Items needed: Seal of Passage, Pickaxe, Weapon and armour to kill 3 Dagannoths, Food, Money for the royal coffers, uncooked pie, runes for bake pie spell (1 astral rune, 5 fire runes and 4 water runes).
Suggested Items: Items to increase approval rating, such as pickaxes, hatchets, rakes, nets, etc.

  • Head to the Lunar bank and take the required items. After that, head to the Dungeon map icon Symbol on the map.
  • Mine pure essence on Lunar Isle.
  • Head to the Astral rune altar.
  • Bake a pie using Magic.
  • Change your spellbook to Lunar's. After that, cast the spell and re-switch back. After this, head to Rellekka and take the boat to Waterbirth Island talking to Jarvald.
  • Kill three dagannoths in the first layer of the Waterbirth Island Dungeon.
  • Head back to Rellekka and take the boat to Miscellania.
  • Get mahogany from your Etceterian subjects. See the hard task tips if you haven't already set mahogany as your resource to be collected. Also, if you require popularity, make sure to wear your newly acquired reward to ease the job.

After this, claim your reward from Advisor Ghrim.

Congratulations on your boots!

Miscellaneous tasksEdit

There is one hard task that is not required to get the area reward.


  • On the day the tasks came out the spoilers read: Spoilers are as evil as dagger-mouths, so we locked them up till tomorrow. Maybe they'll be more respectful then.
  • Behind the scenes - December stated that rewards might include "a potential 20k experience reward lamp" while the lamp which gives the most experience gives 15,000 experience. Altogether, the three lamps total 30,000 experience.
  • Players were initially able to make 6 million an hour by making Magical cape racks (or Marble magic wardrobes on a lesser scale) flatpacks and selling them to Advisor Ghrim at medium Grand Exchange price, before Jagex drastically lowered the prices for these two items without warning on the 12th of December. This caused many players to lose a large amount of cash due to having the Flatpacks or Magic stones at the time Ghrim was updated. On 17 December Jagex released a post in the Recent Updates forum telling players that Advisor Ghrim had been updated for 1 week and he would be exchanging the flatpacks for money in the coffers for most (but not all) of the Grand Exchange cost of their components.
  • When doing the shouting contest, the guards shout "Your mother was a hamster, and your father smelt of winterberries." This is a parody on the comedy movie "Monty Python and the Holy Grail".
  • On the day of release for the elite tasks, there was a bug where the last task could not be completed, this had been tried with all the Dagannoths, even the Dagannoth Kings.
  • If you catch two fish on the easy tasks you will be given the message that you have completed the task twice.
  • On 4 April 2011, the new "Totally Livid" task was added along with the Livid Farm update. Players who had already gained Fremennik Sea Boots 3, prior to the update, still kept them, but players who had unlocked the Taskmaster emote prior to the update had to complete the task in order to re-unlock the emote.
  • The task of killing a mithril dragon, titled "How to Maim Your Dragon", could be a reference to the movie "How to Train Your Dragon".
  • The task "Why Won't You Die?" may be a reference to The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. The line is commonly heard during combat in the game, as well as discussions on Mudcrabs, which bear a resemblance to Rock Crabs. Alternatively, this may be a reference to the final fight scene from V for Vendetta. This is asked of V by Mr. Creedy, as V has incredible stamina after taking dozens of gunshot wounds. This may allude to the relatively high life points Rock Crabs posess.
  • The task "Grand Theft Fish" may be a reference to the crime of Grand Theft Auto.
  • The task "Cool story, bro" is a reference to an internet meme.
  • The task "Jaws breaker" is most likely a reference to the candy called Jaw Breakers.

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