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Defence can also be trained when ranging by setting combat exp gain to Defence or Defence and Ranged.


For training, a player should use the strongest arrows that can be bought in bulk. In F2P these are either iron or bronze arrows. But as iron arrows cost just as much as bronze, and are stronger, they are commonly used as a cheap way to powertrain. For dangerous PvP combat, the ranger should use the best arrows he or she can wield (usually Rune Arrows). For safe PvP activities, the arrows used are entirely up to the player.

Please note that the ammunition used (arrows or bolts) with a given ranged weapon affects damage dealt in a hit, but does not affect the weapon's accuracy. A hit is determined only by the accuracy bonus of bows, while the strength of the hit is affected by the ammunition (arrows/bolts) as well as the damage potential of the bow.


The Shortbow is the ideal ranged training weapon for free players. With its extremely high rate of fire and accuracy and damage per shot equivalent to those of a shieldbow of the same material, it is superior to shieldbows in almost all aspects of training. It is also the ranged weapon of choice in PvP situations as the high attack speed can quickly wear down the opponent's lifepoints. The best shortbows in F2P worlds are the magic shortbow as well as the gravite shortbow. However, as the gravite shortbow requires several hours of dungeoneering, the magic shortbow is more commonly used.

With the EOC update, magic shortbows are now available for F2P.

Shieldbows (formerly Longbows)Edit

As they have equal accuracy but lower speed and damage per shot compared to a shortbow of the same material, shieldbows are considered inferior to their corresponding shortbows. Usage of any F2P shieldbow, except the Maple shieldbow (sighted) or Magic shieldbow (sighted), is discouraged, especially in training. Magic shieldbows are available in F2P after the EOC update. The sighted maple shieldbow is more accurate than a Maple shortbow  but this does not increase the damage per hit.

Shieldbows, however, have additional health and defence capabilities. This makes for better training against enemies if not in a safe spot or against enemies with ranged attack capabilities.

The only situation where the sighted maple shieldbow will deal more damage than a maple shortbow is when an enemy has high defence and/or is otherwise hard to damage. Training on such monsters is not recommended, as the point of training is to gain as much experience as possible by having a high damage rate.

The sighted shieldbow can be useful in PvP. More information can be found on its article.


There are four crossbows available in free-to-play, and none of them are two-handed. On the Squeal of Fortune, the Exquisite crossbow (along with its offhand counterpart) are available. The other two crossbows available in free-to-play are the Crossbow and the Phoenix crossbow, but both are rather inaccurate. The only usable ammo available to non-members, Bronze bolts, provide a low ranged strength bonus, and both weapons are extremely slow. Players opting to train Ranged cheaply should opt for Kayle's chargebow, or use iron or bronze arrows. Although it possible to have a more accuracy with the Exquisite crossbow as it has an option of becoming a level 40 crossbow.

If using a 1h weapon is a point, use javelins instead.

Chargebows (previously known as sling)Edit

Kayle's chargebow is very easily obtained from The Blood Pact. There is also an ordinary Chargebow which is dropped by various spiders and creatures in the wilderness. The ordinary Chargebow (which can be obtained easily from goblins) is not recommended, having slightly worse stats than Kayle's variant. Kayle's chargebow attacks quickly (as fast as a shortbow), provides a small ranged attack bonus and is very weak. Requiring no ammunition, the quickbow is the strongest no-ammunition bow available to free players. It is also stronger than kayle's chargebow and attacks at the same speed. Therefore, it should be used for training instead of Kayle's chargebow. If a player has this weapon and level 5+ ranged, it is an arguably free method to train Ranged, but gives significantly less experience (even if quickbow is used) compared to a bow with, for example, steel or mithril arrows.

The true strength of training with chargebows/quickbow lies not the speed of training but rather the low maintenance; since it requires no ammunition, it does not leave wasted arrows lying on the ground. Chargebows/quickbow are therefore an excellent method of training at locations filled with hostile weak monsters. However, Kayle's chargebow has a ranged attack bonus that is less than a bronze arrow, with low accuracy. It also has an invisible damage multiplier of 0.9, which implies a 0.9x experience penalty as the overall damage is reduced. The quickbow is therefore the best option for maintenance-free ranged training.


In general, a player should wear the best possible ranged armour available at their Defence and Ranged level. Free-to-play ranged armour is much cheaper than melee armour, as the raw materials for the armour are easier to obtain. Non-members can make all ranged armour except studded leather armourgreen dragonhide armour, carapace and blue dragonhide armour with the Crafting skill. Because they are so commonly produced to train Crafting, all of the armour listed below can be bought easily off of the Grand Exchange.

With the release of the Evolution of Combat, ranged armour shields were introduced. They can only effectively be used with javelins.

Level 1 – 9 RangedEdit

Recommended set: a leather cowl, a pair of leather chaps, a pair of leather vambraces or leather gloves and a leather body and leather boots.

Level 10 – 19 DefenceEdit

Recommended set: a cowl, a pair of leather chaps, a pair of hard leather gloves and a hard leather body and hard leather boots

Level 20 - 29 DefenceEdit

Recommended set: Studded leather and coif.

Level 30-39 Defence and RangedEdit

Recommended set: carapace armour.

Level 40-49 Defence and RangedEdit

Recommended Set: A carapace helm , green dragonhide chaps, and green dragonhide vambraces, green dragonhide body.

The Fist of Guthix minigame introduced the green d'hide coif. It surpasses the stats that the carapace helm provide, however it is not recommended for training as the additional bonuses are relatively insignificant and the time spent recharging it would be better used for training Ranged with the carapace helm.

After the EOC update, blue d'hide coifs can be bought with 200 fist of guthix tokens and rechargeable for 20 fist of guthix tokens. This is currently the best headgear for F2P ranged.

Level 50+ Defence and RangedEdit

Recommended Set: Batwing hood/Rune full helm, blue dragonhide chaps, blue dragonhide vambraces and blue dragonhide body

Players who have many tokens from playing the Fist of Guthix activity may choose to replace their coif with a blue d'hide coif. This piece of ranged headgear is the best available to non-members, but it is quite costly if bought on the Grand Exchange and similar bonuses can be attained from a Batwing hood or a Rune full helm (though the combat triangle should still be taken into consideration).


The amulet of power is the most commonly used armour in the neck slot, as it provides the highest possible ranged critical bonus for non-members. It has no requirements to use and can be easily obtained from the Grand Exchange, so players can and are recommended to train with it at any Ranged level.

The amulet of defence may be helpful against monsters that deal damage quickly but also have low defence, as it provides a +10 armour rating as well as a respectable critical bonus of 2.6%. This amulet should be considered in situations where safe spots are not available, as the increased armour rating may be worth the lesser critical bonus in comparison to the amulet of power. Also note that it's hybrid equipment, and as such decreases the combat triangle effect.

The twisted bird skull necklace may also be used by players who train Ranged with Prayer. This can allow players to occasionally use Ranged-oriented prayers such as Hawk Eye and Eagle Eye. It is recommended to only equip this while burying bones, and wear an amulet of power while actually attacking monsters, therefore keeping it in your inventory when you are not burying bones to increase your ranged critical bonus.

The amulet of zealots can be conjuncted with the Eagle Eye prayer to hit slightly higher than with an amulet of power. However, this amulet is considered ineffective for training because its ability is very limited, and it gives a negative prayer bonus, reducing the effectiveness of flashing Eagle Eye by using up Prayer points fast. However it is possible to use it with the twisted bird skull necklace to restore Prayer points. It also costs 40,000 Dungeoneering tokens to purchase which is considered by most players to be overpriced.

The Amulet of Accuracy can give the user a 3.0% More chances to hit a Critical with ranged, It can be bought at the grand exchange for less than 10k.


Bronze BoltsEdit

Bronze bolts are not recommended for use under any circumstances as they have low ranged strength and can only be fired by a crossbow, which is both inaccurate and slow.

Training arrowsEdit

Training arrows could only be obtained from Beefy Bill at the cow pen north of Lumbridge. However, he no longer sells them due to the shops update of 11 April 2012. They are the equivalent of bronze arrows but are not recommended for use as they are untradeable and only 30 arrows can be acquired at a time. 

Bronze arrowsEdit

Bronze arrows were once the arrows of choice for training as they were cheap and could easily be bought on the grand exchange and given free by Lowe. However, after the introduction of the personalised shop update, the supply of bronze arrows have been diminished and they're now very difficult to buy on the grand exchange. Some high-level Rangers choose to buy massive amount of bronze arrows so they can train at a certain location (eg. the Karamja volcano) and powertrain (not pick up arrows) for a long time.

Iron arrowsEdit

Iron arrows are the arrows of choice for training as they're easily bought on the grand exchange and are fairly cheap. They're also a fairly common drop from Minotaurs in the Stronghold of Security and Hill Giants at Edgeville Dungeon. At around 15-20 Ranged, you could actually start gaining more iron arrows than you brought with you. For example, a free player would bring 300 iron arrows to train with, and end up with over 500 arrows worth of drops.

Steel arrowsEdit

Steel arrows, though not as popular as iron, hit a little higher than iron and cost a few coins more. They are commonly dropped by zombies on the second level of the Stronghold of Security.

Mithril arrowsEdit

Mithril arrows are ok for training against high-level monsters such as lesser and greater demons, ankous, and cockroach soldiers, as they hit nearly as high as adamant arrows but are a bit cheaper. They can also be used in PvP if adamant arrows are too expensive. They are dropped by ice warriors in the Asgarnian Ice Dungeon, Catablepons in the Stronghold of Security, and black and white knights at their respective castles/fortresses.

Adamant arrowsEdit

Adamant arrows are the second most expensive arrows in free-to-play. After the Evolution of Combat, these have dropped to their general store value of 51. They are dropped by ankous on the fourth level of the Stronghold of Security and Ice giants at the Asgarnian Ice Dungeon.

Rune arrowsEdit

Rune arrows are the most expensive and powerful arrows in free-to-play. Adamant arrows are generally considered better due to cost effectiveness, but this depends on how much you're willing to spend. The use of abilities decreases the number of arrows used. Rune arrows became available for free-to-play with the launch of the Evolution of Combat.

XP Settings and AbilitiesEdit

XP Settings are located under the combat section of the players HUD. As a ranged player you have 3 choices, you can gain ranged & defence experience, ranged only, or defence only.

There are multiple ways in which to handle your character and its special attacks. Most notably of which being "cycling" and "Momentum".

Cycling is the act of using your abilities in a way that maximises DPS. Rather than just randomly using abilities, you use your lowest cool down ability every time it's up, and then use 1 of higher cool down after it, then repeat. This brings out the most DPS as you will almost always have a skill to use, which means your adrenaline bar will increase much faster.

Momentum is a basic ability from the Constitution skill which greatly increases the power of your auto-attack. Your character will sometimes use basic abilities on its own while you have Momentum activated. Momentum dramatically increases auto attack damage while automatically using a few abilities, but expires once an ability is activated by the player.

Ranged training guideEdit


  • Prayer flash to get a ranged boost without losing Prayer points. Select Eagle Eye as your quick prayer and double-click (without delay between clicks) on the prayer icon. With the help of the XP Counter, make sure that the prayer sound effect is played while experience is gained.
  • Remember rangers can attack diagonally, a great advantage against large monsters who move 1.5 squares, as they can be easily blocked by small obstacles that are otherwise easily avoided by regular monsters.
  • Use the safespots. Just get the right adjustments and then fire from an angle.
  • Take advantage of the Defence ability Rejuvenation. This is an ability that can grant a free and very effective heal which can be used for extensive Ranged training on dangerous monsters. 

Levels 1 - 40Edit

Monster name Location(s) Combat level Lifepoints Requirements Recommendations
Chickens Lumbridge

Port Sarim

2 50 none none
Advantages Disadvantages
  • Drops feathers, which are stackable and sell for a decent amount of gold
  • Rarely hits and does low damage
  • Drops bones to train Prayer with, and raw chicken for food once cooked
  • Less experience/hr than some mobs (but definitely worth it for the gold gain in the early levels)
  • Some areas are often crowded, even by botters.
Monster name Location(s) Combat level Lifepoints Requirements Recommendations
Cow calves Lumbridge

Port Sarim Taverley

2 50 none none
Advantages Disadvantages
  • Drops Cowhide, Cowhide sells well on GE, it's possible to make just over 15k from a full inventory (28 inventory spaces) of Cowhide.
  • Drops bones to train Prayer with, and Raw beef for food once cooked, Raw beef is also popular on the GE, combining Cowhide, Raw beef and Bones a player can make quite a bit of profit by killing calves, since it only takes few arrows to kill them.
  • Calves in Lumbridge can be found in a more open space, and the Cow field is generally less crowded than the Chicken farm just on the other side of the path.
  • Calves can do more damage to low-level players than Chickens, level 3 players should be careful
  • Cowhide doesn't stack like Feathers, meaning trips to the GE or a bank are more necessary.
Monster name Location(s) Combat level Lifepoints Requirements Recommendations
Corpse Spiders Lumbridge Catacombs 6 150 none If you have low defence, it is recommended to bring food
Advantages Disadvantages
  • Drops spider silk with every kill, which sell well on the Grand Exchange
  • Relatively easy to kill
  • Can hit quite well if low defence.
  • Often crowded.
Monster name Location(s) Combat level Lifepoints Requirements Recommendations
Minotaurs Stronghold of Security 20, 75 500, 1875 None Good armour if not using safespots
Advantages Disadvantages
  • Drop iron arrows, can be used to replenish the wasted arrows, or even turn into a profit.
  • Safe spots available.
  • Other people may steal your kill.
  • Accurate and moderately high damage for low levelled player
Monster name Location(s) Combat level Lifepoints Requirements Recommendations
Monks Edgeville Monastery 24 600 None
Advantages Disadvantages
  • You can talk to them and they will heal you, good for low Defence pures.
  • Usually not crowded.
  • You can use prayers and recharge upstairs at the altar if you have over 31 Prayer.
Monster name Location(s) Combat level Lifepoints Requirements Recommendations
Barbarians Barbarian Village (Gunnarsgrunn) 40,44 1000, 1100 None
Advantages Disadvantages
  • Cooked meat and beer spawns on tables in the long house, the beer's negative effect won't affect rangers.
  • Close to fishing spots where players often drop fish and a permanent fire nearby.
  • Safe spots available in long house (chairs and tables).
  • Other people may steal your kill.
  • Not very good drops.
  • Disadvantaged with the combat triangle after EOC.
Monster name Location(s) Combat level Lifepoints Requirements Recommendations
Spellwisps West of the Wizards' tower 26 650 none Accursed urns may be useful for gaining some prayer exp of the impious ashes they drop.
Advantages Disadvantages
  • Spellwisps are weak to arrows, making your attacks with bow and arrows more effective
  • Somewhat good drops (water talisman)
  • Not too close to a bank

Levels 40 - 50Edit

Monster name Location(s) Combat level Lifepoints Requirements Recommendations
Corpse mages Lumbridge Catacombs 30 750 Completion of The Blood Pact None
Advantages Disadvantages
  • Somewhat good drops (talismans, runes)
  • Low life points
  • Often crowded
Monster name Location(s) Combat level Lifepoints Requirements Recommendations
Hobgoblins West of the Crafting Guild

Edgeville dungeon

40, 46 1000, 1150 Decent armour, brass key if using Edgeville Dungeon
Advantages Disadvantages
  • High life points, decent experience
  • Can be safespotted
  • Moderate distance to bank
  • Accurate and high hitting for lower players
Monster name Location(s) Combat level Lifepoints Requirements Recommendations
Flesh crawlers Stronghold of Security 58 1450 Passed the first level of the Stronghold of Security Use the north-west room
Advantages Disadvantages
  • Decent drops (mainly runes)
  • Many around, even when there's several people
  • Mildly crowded, players are more likely to lag than run out of opponents.
  • Can no longer be safespotted
Monster name Location(s) Combat level Lifepoints Requirements Recommendations
Moss giants Varrock Sewers


74 3700 Dragon Slayer to a certain point when training in Crandor
Advantages Disadvantages
  • Drop big bones, which provide decent Prayer experience
  • High life points
  • Uses ranged attack, cannot be safe spotted.
  • Only 2 / 3 (Crandor) at each location
  • Often crowded
Monster name Location(s) Combat level Lifepoints Requirements Recommendations
Dark wizards Varrock Ruins 44 1100 Wear armour with a high defence against magic
Advantages Disadvantages
  • Drops a variety of runes
  • Their weakness is ranged (arrows specifically)
  • Not very crowded
  • Can be dangerous to lower level players
  • Can hit through rune armour easily.

Levels 50 - 70Edit

Monster name Location(s) Combat level Lifepoints Requirements Recommendations
Catablepons Third level of the Stronghold of Security 76, 77, 78 1912 Passed the first two floors of the Stronghold of Security Some food
Advantages Disadvantages
  • Weak to bolts
  • Does almost no damage to players
  • Very easy to kill
  • Can be killed fast for a high exp/hour with ranged
  • It is a common place to train for both free-to-play AND pay-to-play players.
  • Sometimes, though rarely, crowded
  • Uses weaken spell, stops only when strength level is lowered by 8
Monster name Location(s) Combat level Lifepoints Requirements Recommendations
Lesser demons Crandor and Karamja Dungeon

Karamja Volcano resource dungeon (requires 25 Dungeoneering-icon to enter)

100 5000 30 coins (Needed to travel to Karamja or Crandor) Explorer's ring 3 or higher, accursed urns
Advantages Disadvantages
  • Weak to Bolts
  • Easy to hit, even for medium-low rangers
  • Decent drops
  • Drops Accursed ashes, good Prayer experience
  • Players with 25 Dungeoneering may also enter the resource dungeon, which has more lesser demons and some imps as well.
  • No safe spots, as these monsters use a magic attack from a distance
  • May not be possible to obtain drops if surrounded by demons
  • Sometimes, though rarely, crowded

Levels 70 - 99Edit

Monster name Location(s) Combat level Lifepoints Requirements Recommendations
Greater demons Wilderness Crater

Forinthry Dungeon Demonic Ruins

118 6000 You must be willing to brave the Wilderness Only take items that you are willing to risk, as each location is in the Wilderness
Accursed urns
Advantages Disadvantages
  • All locations are in Wilderness, meaning there is the risk of being killed by PKers
  • Have a high defence, due to their high combat level.
Monster name Location(s) Combat level Lifepoints Requirements Recommendations
Lesser demons Crandor and Karamja Dungeon

Karamja Volcano resource dungeon Crandor

100 5000 25 Dungeoneering to access the Karamja Volcano Resource Dungeon
Complete Dragon Slayer sufficiently to access Crandor Isle
Train in the resource dungeon. Abundance of demons and there is little competition.
Accursed urns
Advantages Disadvantages
  • Weak to Bolts
  • 250 Ranged-icon experience per kill
  • Drops accursed ashes
  • Up to 70k Ranged-icon xp/hr with rune arrows at levels 70+ if not picking up any drops
  • Accurate Magic attacks

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