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Training Magic in free-to-play is rather tedious and requires attention, but experience can be gained relatively quickly. Magic training is, for the most part, not extremely expensive, and training up to level 59 can allow a player to use many common and useful non-member spells, including Varrock Teleport, Falador Teleport, Superheat Item, High level alchemy, and Fire Blast.

Quests with Magic experienceEdit

It is suggested that you finish these quests before training Magic, as it results in some quick Magic experience at low levels if necessary items are bought. None of the quests have any skill requirements.

Doing these quests gives a total of 1550 Magic experience, which brings a player's Magic level to level 11, with only 34 experience left required to reach level 12.

Also, after completing Death Plateau, a repeatable and simple task carrying boxes becomes available, with each trip (max 5 times, requiring min 10-18 combat level) giving 3x 180 experience reward lamps, totalling 2700 experience in total.

No cost methodsEdit


Players can use Magic in combat to gain Magic experience in Daemonheim. This Magic experience will come as an added bonus to the Dungeoneering experience. As with the Fist of Guthix activity, this method of training Magic is somewhat slower than methods of power-training Magic listed below, but comes with extra rewards (both Dungeoneering experience and rewards).

When using Magic in Daemonheim, the highest level staff available should always be used. For F2P players, a tangle gum staff should be bound until level 10 Magic, then a seeping elm staff until level 20, then a blood spindle staff until level 30, then an utuku staff until level 40, and finally a spinebeam or catalytic staff. All of these staves provide unlimited elemental runes, allowing the caster to use any offensive spell that they wish.

Buying Magic-oriented Dungeoneering rewards is also an effective way to train Magic. Dungeoneering staves, a tome of frost, and arcane necklaces are useful as well.

Available F2P Dungeoneering rewards are:

Air spellsEdit

With the Evolution of Combat, air spells now only require air runes to be cast. Using a mindspike (recommended over both Caitlin's staff and a staff of air) will allow you to train Magic free of cost.

The Goblin Village is an excellent place to train any low level combat skill, including Magic. By standing near the fire in the centre of the village, almost all visible goblins will be targetable by Magic without moving. They are fairly easy to kill, typically taking one hit even at low Magic levels, and each kill results in 25 experience towards Magic and 7-9 experience to Constitution when only training on Magic. Using this method a player can easily get from level 1 to the level 21 (Low Level Alchemy) in ~141 kills (as little as 12 minutes). From level 1 to level 41 (Air Blast - 3rd level of air spell) can take as little as 100 minutes.

Past level 41, both guards and hill giants are weak to air spells and offer higher experience/kill and better drops. Guards are found in groups near the entrances of Varrock and Falador. Barbarians are also easy to kill with Magic.


Players at level 1 should start The Blood Pact quest and then use Caitlin's staff to kill monsters. Players should kill the troll shaman for the rare mindspike drop.

Level 10
Imphide robes (female) equipped
Imphide robes
Levels required
Magic 10 Magic
Typical weapons
Imp horn wand
and imphide book
or imp shield
Level 20
Spider silk robes equipped
Spider silk robes
Levels required
Magic 20 Magic
Typical weapons
Spider wand
and spider orb
Level 30
Batwing robes equipped
Batwing robes
Levels required
Magic 30 Magic
Typical weapons
Bat wand
and bat book
or batwing shield
Level 45+
Druidic mage robes (uncharged) equipped
Druidic mage robes
Levels required
Magic 45 Magic

Dungeoneering 45 Dungeoneering

Attack 40 Attack
Typical weapons
Law staff
Level 48-49
Druidic mage robes (uncharged) equipped
Druidic mage robes
Levels required
Magic 48 Magic
Dungeoneering 64 Dungeoneering
Typical weapons
Spider wand
and tome of frost
Level 50+
Blue mystic robes equipped
Mystic robes
Levels required
Magic 50 Magic
Defence 50 Defence (shield)
Typical weapons
Mystic wand
and mystic orb
or shield
Level 53+
Battle robes equipped
Battle robes
Levels required
Magic 53 Magic
Dungeoneering 64 Dungeoneering
Typical weapons
Mystic wand
and tome of frost
Nature staff
Level 55+
Battle robes equipped
Battle robes
Levels required
Magic 55 Magic
Dungeoneering 64 Dungeoneering
Typical weapons
Gravite staff

The tome of frost only requires 48 Dungeoneering to wield, but the tokens to purchase it require level 64. Similarly, the gravite staff only requires 45 Dungeoneering to wield, but the tokens to purchase it require level 64.

Recommended revolution ability bar:

  • Devotion
  • Combust
  • Sonic Wave
  • Sacrifice
  • Impact
  • Wrack
  • Chain
  • Deep Impact
  • Asphyxiate
  • Omnipower
  • Transfigure

Magic training methodsEdit

Levels 1-10Edit

Levels Type (Combat/Non-Combat) What & Where? XP/Hour Cost/XP
1-39 Combat Cast Air Strike on troll brutes in the west cave of the Abandoned Burthorpe mine north of Burthorpe. Unknown Free, if using air staff or mindspike (air) or avernic wand and wizard's/avernic/imphide book

30 Magic experience/kill (and 9.9 Constitution experience)

1-39 Combat Cast Air strike on cows and cow calves east of the River Lum Free, if using mindspike (air) or avernic wand and wizard's/avernic/imphide book

34.5 Magic experience/kill (and 11.4 Constitution experience)

3 Combat Cast Confuse using any safe spot 0.3
9 Combat Cast Earth Strike on cockroach drones in the Stronghold of Player Safety Varies

Levels 10-20Edit

Level Required Type (Combat/Non-Combat) What & Where? XP/Hour Cost/XP Notes/Other requirements
10 Combat Cast Water Strike on guards or Al Kharid warriors

Al Kharid palace Varrock Castle

Unknown Varies Poor drops
11 Combat Cast Weaken using any safe spot
17 Combat Cast Air Bolt on hobgoblins and guards Common limpwurt root and grapes drops
19 Combat Cast Curse using any safe spot

Levels 20-30Edit

Level Required Type (Combat/Non-Combat) What & Where? XP/Hour Cost/XP Notes/Other requirements
20 Combat Cast Air Bolt on cockroach workers Unknown Varies Runes and mithril equipment drops
21 Non-combat Cast Low Level Alchemy Varies Varies This spell is profitable if you use an explorer's ring 2 or higher
23 Combat Cast Water Bolt on Al-Kharid warriors Unknown Varies Very fast XP. Some defence and/or food is required.
25 Non-combat Cast Varrock Teleport repeatedly Unknown 10.8 Equip a mindspike (air) or a staff of air to reduce costs
29 Combat Cast Earth Bolt on cockroach soldiers Unknown Varies Runes and rune equipment drops.

Levels 30-40Edit

Level Required Type (Combat/Non-Combat) What & Where? XP/Hour Cost/XP Notes/Other requirements
31 Non-combat Cast Lumbridge Teleport repeatedly Unknown 7.2 Equip a mindspike (air) to reduce costs
35 Combat Cast Fire Bolt on ice giants Varies Unknown Always drop big bones, and some armour and weapons.
37 Non-combat Cast Falador Teleport repeatedly Unknown 6.19 Equip a mindspike (air) to reduce costs. Good at higher levels too.

Levels 40+Edit

Level Required What & Where? XP/Hour (at 99 Magic)  Coins/Hour Notes
41 Cast Air Blast on hill giants Unknown Varies Always drop big bones, and common drops include limpwurt roots and runes.
43 Cast Superheat Item to create steel bars 94k -704k 30 Smithing required and yields 31k Smithing experience/hour.

Approximately 1770 casts/hour if using a coal bag.

See the Superheat Item page.

53 Cast Earth Blast on ankous in the Stronghold of Security 70k +30k Drops adamant arrows, death runes, and mithril ore.
55 Cast High-level Alchemy on hard leather boots 78k +15k Equip a fire staff to reduce costs.

Approximately 1200 casts/hour.

For the best items to alch, see the market watch.

59 Cast Fire Blast on lesser demons in the Karamja Volcano, the Wilderness Volcano, or on the island of Crandor. 100k +50k-100k 145k experience/hour if alching while fighting.

Drops rune med helm.

5k Prayer experience/hour if using accursed urns.

See the strategy guide.

The Dragon Slayer quest must be active or complete in order to reach Crandor.

70 (suggested) Cast Fire Blast on greater demons in Forinthry Dungeon

or the Wilderness volcano.

120k +50-100k Drops rune full helm.

Forinthry Dungeon is located in the Wilderness.

See the strategy guide.

90 (suggested) Cast Fire Blast on deadly red spiders in the Varrock Sewers

or inside the Karamja Volcano.

110k +15k Attacks often splash.

See the strategy guide.

90 (suggested) Cast Fire Blast on hellhounds in Forinthry Dungeon or in the Wilderness Volcano. 115k -10k Attacks often splash.

Located in the Wilderness.

Ruby enchantingEdit

At level 49, you can buy ruby amulets, cosmic runes, and a fire staff/fire runes. Cast Enchant Level 3 Jewellery to turn the amulets into amulets of strength, then resell them to the GE for a slight gain. This is an underrated method of gaining Magic experience, as it is possible to make -243 coins per amulet.

The enchanting sound effect has three "rings" of sound. To make sure you don't enchant too quickly and skip over a few amulets, only enchant the next amulet after you hear the third "ring" from enchanting the previous amulet. With a bit of practice, you can enchant up to 1700 amulets per hour.

High Level AlchemyEdit

High Level Alchemy allows one to convert items into coins. Most players owe their high level of Magic to this spell, at 65 Magic experience per casting, using a fire staff so as to only consume 1 nature rune per spell. To find recommended items for this method please refer to Grand Exchange Market Watch/Alchemy. It is advised that you alch items in noted form and use the action bar to cast the spell, while keeping your mouse over your inventory. If you do not have much cash, alchemise steel equipment. This is one of the few spells that you can make a profit from. You can increase your profit by telegrabbing jugs of wine of Zamorak while alching. Bringing your noted item, a fire staff and nature runes in conjunction with normal telegrabbing equipment you can cast high level alchemy 7 times between each telegrab. Hardleather bodies are a great way to make money while levelling up your Magic. They sell for 51gp, but when you use high alchemy on them they turn into 102gp (but only if you kill cows, take their cowhide, tan it into hard leather and craft it into hardleather bodies).

You will need 12,867,795 experience to go from 55 to level 99. This means you will have to cast High Level Alchemy 197,967 times to get from 55 to 99. You can also use Superheat Item to help you make profit too, it can be used to help make armour which could be used for High Level Alchemy.

It gives 65-78k experience but, the most profitable items on free-to-play can only have 100 items bought every 4 hours and this is if you do this repeatedly. High Level Alchemy requires less attention than Superheat Item, but superheating gives good Smithing experience and good profit if you superheat steel or rune.

If explorer's ring 4 is in your possession you can use it to do up to 15 High Level Alchemy casts and 27 Superheat Item casts per day, for free - no runes required.

Magic pure training guideEdit

If you are a pure who just wants Magic without levelling other skills, this guide will describe how to train Magic without training Constitution.

You will need a significant amount of coins.

Doing the Imp Catcher quest and the Witch's Potion and Stronghold of Player Safety (using the reward lamps for Magic experience) miniquests will bring your Magic level up to 14 without any Constitution experience.

Levels 1-3Edit

Use wizard's mind bombs to boost your level to 3 and cast Confuse.

An alternative is to use the quests suggested above or other experience rewards to gain Magic experience.

Levels 3-7Edit

37 mind runes needed to cast Confuse, though more may be required due to splashing. Do not equip an air staff or else you may risk killing lower-level targets. Use safe-spotting.

Levels 7-15/21Edit

Cast Enchant Level 1 Jewellery on sapphire amulets until reaching Bones to Banana or Low Level Alchemy.

Level 15/21-43Edit

Starting point will vary depending on player preferences as both spells can be performed at banks. (Bones to Bananas will require accessing the bank more often to withdraw a single set of bones to convert.)

At level 21, cast Low Level Alchemy.

Levels 43-55Edit

This may require a high Smithing level (see Superheat Item for details).

Purchase all ores required at the Grand Exchange to smith iron, steel, mithril, adamant, or rune bars, equip a fire staff, and use the Superheat Item spell to smelt into bars. This is the fastest way to train Magic/Smithing simultaneously, generally breaking even. Superheat item gives 53 experience per cast, plus additional Smithing experience (based on which kind of metal bar you are smelting).

The experience needed to level from 43 to level 55 is 139,163. This will mean you will have to cast Superheat Item 2,626 times to get to level 55. When focused, it is possible to gain 70-80k experience per hour with this method (with steel bars).

Profit and costs from Superheating may vary depending on the market. Please refer to Grand Exchange Market Watch/Smithing.

Levels 55+Edit

High Level Alchemy - A constantly updated list of items that yield profits can be found on Grand Exchange Market Watch/Alchemy, which High Level Alchemy is cast with assistance of staff of fire, so save the cost of the spell. Players are recommended to double check the immediate market price of items to prevent loss of coins.

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