This article is about the free-to-play guide. For the members' guide, see Pay-to-play Firemaking training.
Worlds Icon The official worlds for Bonfires are worlds 29 (F2P), 16 (P2P).

Firemaking is considered to be one of the easiest skills to train in free-to-play given its fast experience rates and low cost. It can be trained in conjunction with Woodcutting by burning the logs cut from trees. With bonfires, training Firemaking does not require much attention.



The only equipment needed for training Firemaking in free-to-play is a tinderbox. A tinderbox lights logs on fire. One is automatically stored in every player's tool belt so it is unnecessary to buy one or keep one in the bank.


Log type Experience Experience per hour Cost Profit
Per experience Per hour[1]
Regular Bonfire (solo) Bonfire (with ≥4 others) Regular[2] Bonfire (solo)[1] Bonfire (with ≥4 others)[1] Regular Bonfire (solo) Bonfire (with ≥4 others) Profit/loss per log burnt[3] Profit/loss per hour[3]
Logs Logs 40 50 52.5 48,000 47,500 49,637.5 7.03 5.62 5.35 266,950 -144 -158,400
Oak logs Oak 60 85 89.25 72,000 80,750 84,787.5 1.95 1.38 1.31 111,150 20 22,000
Willow logs Willow 90 105 110.25 108,000 99,750 104,737.5 0.38 0.32 0.31 32,300 103 113,300
Maple logs Maple[4] 135 135 to 175 140.4 to 182 162,000 128,250 to 166,250 133,380 to 172,900 0.37 0.37 to 0.286 0.36 to 0.275 47,500 87 95,700
Yew logs Yew 202.5 260 270.25 243,000 247,000 256,737.5 1.04 0.81 0.78 200,450 -74 -81,400
  1. ^ a b c Assumes that 950 logs are burnt per hour.
  2. ^ Assumes that 1,200 logs are burnt per hour.
  3. ^ a b If creating individual fires and collecting ashes. Profit/loss per hour assumes that 1,100 logs are burnt per hour, see Money making guide/Collecting ashes for more information.
  4. ^ The experience rate of maple logs is dependent on the player's Firemaking level. The table shows two numbers, the first being the experience gained at level 45 Firemaking and the second being the experience gained at level 99 Firemaking.

Current pricesEdit

Icon Item Price Direction Low Alch High Alch Limit Members Details Last updated
0110,000F2P iconview6 hours ago
1225,000F2P iconview3 hours ago
Oak logsOak logs117
81225,000F2P iconview2 hours ago
Willow logsWillow logs34
162425,000F2P iconview9 minutes ago
Maple logsMaple logs50
324825,000F2P iconview3 hours ago
Yew logsYew logs211
649625,000F2P iconview2 minutes ago

General notesEdit

  • To maximise the number of logs burnt per hour, and in doing so maximising experience gain, it is recommended that players train Firemaking near a bank for quick withdrawal of logs.
  • Most bonfire training is done at the Grand Exchange on World 29, the official free-to-play Bonfires server.
  • Players can add logs to an existing fire to create a bonfire. Using bonfires yields more experience per log; however, a log is burnt every 6 game ticks (3.6 seconds) rather than every 4 game ticks (2.4 seconds) when lighting fires the normal way. Experience gained is increased per log and is further increased by up to 4% for every other player (up to five) using the same bonfire. With the maximum boost from extra players, the experience/hour for this method is provides slightly less experience per hour than lighting the logs individually, but bonfires are semi-afkable and provide the added bonus of not having to run to and from banks.
  • It is recommended players use bonfires to burn logs rather than individually lighting logs because although bonfires are slightly slower than setting individual logs alight, they give increased experience gains per log burned and require far less attention and movement. Players may opt to not use bonfires, especially if they would like to make money by collecting ashes from fires as they burn out.

Combining Woodcutting and Firemaking trainingEdit

Woodcutting and Firemaking can be trained side by side by cutting logs, then burning them. The most effective free-to-play logs for use with this method are willow logs. A great location to do this is south of Port Sarim. This location is usually almost never crowded because there is no bank nearby, but there is plenty of space to use a bonfire or burn logs individually. Another great spot to perform this tactic is in Lumbridge. On the east side of the River Lum, slightly west of Farming Patch and slight Southeast of the Champions' Guild there are three willow trees. When you stand between the Northernmost willow trees and go all the way East until the fence, you can burn exactly 27 logs individually.

Cutting and burning yew logs would result in slower Woodcutting and Firemaking experience per hour because of reduced Woodcutting speed.

The Daemonheim Peninsula resource dungeon is another popular place in which to train Firemaking in this manner, as it is the only place in the free world where maple trees are found. You can cut and burn maples and willows there, and the only requirement is 30 Dungeoneering. Cutting and burning willows at level 75 Woodcutting yields around 70,000 experience per hour (40,000 for Firemaking), 30,000 for Woodcutting). It's recommended to swap to Maples at level 90 Woodcutting as this yields approximately 90,000 experience per hour (51,400 for Firemaking, 38,600 for Woodcutting).

"Burning and Selling" methodEdit

One less popular method of gaining Firemaking experience is by obtaining a relatively large number of either willow or maple logs and continuously burning the logs in the Grand Exchange burning east first then backwards burning west between the two banks. Once your full inventory of logs has been burnt you then pick up the ashes that the fires left behind. These ashes can be sold at the Grand Exchange that you are already at for a higher price that the logs can be bought at. This method of selling the ashes to create a reasonable income high enough to buy back the logs you just burnt creating an endless supply of logs for to burn but also generating a profit of 113,300 coins per hour (assuming that willow logs are burnt and that 1,100 are burnt per hour) making it an effective money making method. The market can vary the income generated, and the time elapsed picking up the ashes can significantly impact upon your experience per hour. This method is most useful for people who are mainly trying to only increase their Firemaking level by only a few levels. The main perk of this method is the fact that no money is lost in training Firemaking.

Level 1-99Edit

Level 1-15 - Normal logsEdit

Logs The best way to get from level 1 to level 15 is by burning normal logs on a bonfire to which five or more players are contributing, which grants 52.5 experience per log.

  • Experience needed - 2,411
  • Logs needed - 46
  • Time - 3 minutes
  • Logs cost = 12,926

Level 15-30 - Oak logsEdit

Oak logs The best way to get from level 15 to level 30 is by burning oak logs on a bonfire to which five or more players are contributing, which grants ~75 experience per log.

  • Experience needed - 10,952
  • Oak logs needed - 160
  • Time - 8 minutes
  • Logs cost = 14,391

Level 30-45 - Willow logsEdit

Willow logs The best way to get from level 30 to level 45 is by burning willow logs on a bonfire to which five or more players are contributing, which grants 90 experience per log.

  • Experience needed - 48,149
  • Willow logs needed - 437
  • Time - 27 minutes
  • Logs cost = 14,858

Level 45-60 - Maple logsEdit

Maple logs The best way to get from level 45 to level 60 is by burning maple logs on a bonfire to which five or more players are contributing, which grants 140.4 experience per log at level 45 (the experience receiving from burning maple logs is dependent on the player's Firemaking level).

  • Experience needed - 212,230
  • Maple logs needed - 1,512
  • Time - 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Logs cost = 75,600

Level 60-99 - Yew logsEdit

Yew logs The best way to get from level 60 to level 99 is by burning yew logs on a bonfire to which five or more players are contributing, which grants 270.25 experience per log.

  • Experience needed - 12,760,689
  • Yew logs needed - 47,218
  • Time - 47 hours
  • Logs cost = 9,962,998

Other methodsEdit

Level 30-99 - Willow logsEdit

Willow logs Willow logs are a cheap, albeit slow, route to achieving level 99 in Firemaking. Burning willow logs on a bonfire to which five or more players are contributing grants 110.25 experience per log.

  • Experience needed - 13,021,068
  • Willow logs needed - 118,105
  • Time - 119 hours
  • Logs cost = 4,015,570

Level 45-99 - Maple logsEdit

Maple logs Maple logs are another alternative method to reach 99. They're a compromise between the speed of yew logs and the relative cheapness of willow logs. Burning maple logs on a bonfire to which five or more players are contributing grants an average of 161.2 experience per log (the experience receiving from burning maple logs is dependent on the player's Firemaking level).

  • Experience needed - 12,972,919
  • Maple logs needed - 80,477
  • Time - 80 hours
  • Logs cost = 4,023,850

It is useful to calculate the opportunity cost between maple logs and yew logs between levels 60 and 99. Using yew logs as soon as possible saves approximately 31.5 hours and costs approximately 6,014,748 more. The cost for each hour saved is approximately 190,944.38. This can be worth it for some and not others. Another consideration is that the 31.5 hours saved are very low-intensity. One may not want to save these hours.

See alsoEdit

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