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Free-to-play, also known as F2P, is the free version of RuneScape where no payment to Jagex is required to play. Players who play the free version of RuneScape are known as "free players", "F2Ps", or "non-members". This is in contrast to members, who pay a fee for access to a much larger map and a multitude of skills, items, quests, and activities, which are not available to Free to Play users.


RuneScape free map

Areas accessible to free players.

F2P Level Cap

F2P are limited to only 5 levels on certain skills.

The free part of RuneScape is described by Jagex as being the game with close to 5,000 hours of skills to train to reach the maximum level of 99, while members is considered the expansion version. There is no limit to the amount of time players are able to continue playing for free, although free players are only able to enjoy about 20% of everything RuneScape has to offer. Free players can upgrade and become a member at any time by paying a small fee, granting access to more skills, locations, items, etc.

Formerly, the free-to-play version of RuneScape was its only form, prior to the introduction of members and the subsequent creation of RuneScape 2. The pay-to-play servers were intended by Jagex to benefit all of the RuneScape community.

With respect to gameplay, the majority of new updates within RuneScape are restricted to pay-to-play members with the exception of updates concerning graphics or the addition of new servers. When the members service was announced, Jagex acknowledged that the free version would not be updated as often as it used to be.

Updates since launch of members versionEdit

The following are free-version updates that have been made available since the launch of the members service:

In addition to the differences described above, the majority of features outside the games (such as the official RuneScape forums) are open to members only, but also to F2P players with at least 2.5 million total experience or a skill total of 350. This requirement was 12.5 million total experience or a skill total of 500 before an update by Jagex on 15 March 2010.

Removed from free versionEdit

Jagex has also occasionally removed features from the free version:

  • RuneScape Classic in August 2005
  • Hiscores in November 2011 (returned in April 2014)

Total level: 1655
Attack-icon 99
Constitution-icon 99
Mining-icon 99
Strength-icon 99
Agility-icon 5
Smithing-icon 99
Defence-icon 99
Herblore-icon 5
Fishing-icon 99
Ranged-icon 99
Thieving-icon 5
Cooking-icon 99
Prayer-icon 99
Crafting-icon 99
Firemaking-icon 99
Magic-icon 99
Fletching-icon 5
Woodcutting-icon 99
Runecrafting-icon 99
Slayer-icon 5
Farming-icon 5
Construction-icon 5
Hunter-icon 5
Summoning-icon 5
Dungeoneering-icon 120
Divination-icon 5
Music icon fixed 300+
Attack style icon fixed 200
Quest icon fixed 50
Task icon fixed 200+

Free versus membersEdit

Main article: /Compared to Members

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