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Release date 31 January 2012 (Update)
Race Dwarf
Members only No
Quest NPC Death Plateau
Location Burthorpe
Sells items Freda's Boots
Gender Female
Examine The owner of a surprisingly cosy cabin.
Billy (goat) location
Freda chathead

Freda is a dwarf living in Burthorpe involved in Death Plateau. She is located in her house just south-west of Death Plateau. Her house is fenced in, and contains level 2 chickens and potatoes beside her house. She is married to Sabbot and used to live with him in his cave and was planning on opening up a shop there, but moved into her cottage after the Trolls attacked Burthorpe. He is trying to get her to move back into the cave by finishing the shop on his own.

Freda sells climbing boots for 12 gp and rock climbing boots for 75,000 gp. She will not sell either type of boots if the player has not completed the new version of the Death Plateau quest.


  • She replaced the sherpa, Tenzing who lived in the cottage.
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Freda complimenting

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