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Franizzard Van Lumbcook is a famous ancestor of the current Cook of Lumbridge Castle. He served as an assistant to the Culinaromancer (who worked as a cook in the Lumbridge Castle for the then Duke) and helped prepare a banquet one hundred years ago for the Lumbridge Secret Council.

During the banquet, the Culinaromancer threatened the attendees of the banquet with death. Franizzard foiled the Culinaromancer's plan and trapped him in another dimension. As a result of his action, Franizzard was offered a job for life as head cook of Lumbridge Castle, for himself and all his descendants.

At the start of Recipe for Disaster, the Lumbridge Cook hopes to re-create the meal his ancestor made a hundred years ago and asks the player to help him gather the needed ingredients. Neither the Cook nor the player know that the ingredients will create a powerful food-magic that frees the Culinaromancer.


  • His surname, Lumbcook, is clearly a combination of the words Lumbridge and cook - a reference to his position within the castle.

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