Fractite equipment is found while Dungeoneering. It is Tier 5, the highest available Tier to free players. Fractite used to be stronger than Rune, which was its counterpart. After the Evolution of Combat, Fractite now has similar stats to Adamant, and the full set of fractite armour can be made at level 49 smithing (the requirement of a fractite platebody).

Fractite weaponsEdit

Fractite dagger Fractite dagger
Fractite warhammer Fractite warhammer
Fractite rapier Fractite rapier
Fractite longsword Fractite longsword
Fractite battleaxe Fractite battleaxe
Fractite spear Fractite spear
Fractite maul Fractite maul
Fractite 2h sword Fractite 2h sword
Fractite arrows 5 Fractite arrows

Fractite armourEdit

Fractite equipment equipped
Fractite full helm Fractite full helm
Fractite platebody Fractite platebody
Fractite chainbody Fractite chainbody
Fractite platelegs Fractite platelegs
Fractite plateskirt Fractite plateskirt
Fractite gauntlets Fractite gauntlets
Fractite kiteshield Fractite kiteshield
Fractite boots Fractite boots


Fractite arrowheads 4 Fractite arrowtips
Fractite hatchet Fractite hatchet
Fractite pickaxe Fractite pickaxe

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