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Wikia's done it again boys. There is a new header at the top of the page on the Oasis skin. They also changed a few fonts of headings and stuff. They announced it here last month, and eh. I don't know how to feel. Custom CSS and JS can't be used in the header anymore. Say goodbye to the things like our clock that was on the header... and {{External}}.

It obviously isn't going to be something we can complain about, because Wikia loves to force things onto us whether we like it or not. So, myself and Salix have been playing around with different styles than the default ugly blue background header that Wikia forced.

Additionally, we should probably have some kind of discussion about what to do with templates that are affected like {{External}}.

xHR7zpA.png6encXAo.png 14:39, June 13, 2017 (UTC)

Header suggestions

If you have a suggestion to add here, feel free to add it.

  1. White background and no image (Full page)
  2. White background and an image [representing a recent update?]
  3. Blue background and no image (Full page)
  4. Blue background and an image [representing a recent update?]

The 'Community name' bit is really dumb and redundant. We can't hide it or set it to blank, so here's some other options:

  1. Leave it as it is: the same wordmark, 'RuneScape Wiki'
  2. Have the text be something different
  3. Change the wordmark to be more of a logo without text (no image of us but here's community central's)

Quest Gaz Lloyd 7:^]Events!99s 16:16, June 13, 2017 (UTC)


Comment - The UTCClock script has been designated as personal use only. There is an ongoing discussion about it but it looks like it won't be changing due to Wikia's new stance on custom CSS & JS and in the header. xHR7zpA.png6encXAo.png 15:10, June 13, 2017 (UTC)

We use [[MediaWiki:Gadget-Timer.js]] rather than the script from dev, although the principle is the same. It might be worthwhile moving this to the toolbar at the bottom for oasis users rather than engage with the grey area of customisations that the header currently occupies. cqm 23:19, 13 Jun 2017 (UTC)

Support 1, 3 I like Images. --Sucy_orb_2.pngScuzzy BetaLuna_Nova_sigil.png 15:56, June 13, 2017 (UTC)

Suggestion - I think it's better like this (or something), with a symbol and the name "The RuneScape Wiki" Maximus Gugu of ArmadylQuick chat button: Your Friendly Neighborhood Artist. 16:51, June 13, 2017 (UTC)

  • This looks very clean to me. I'd support an understated, high quality logo like this. Also gives us flexibility to use any image. 17:54, June 13, 2017 (UTC)

Support 2 / 4 - As far as the image goes, it would be nice to use an image that reflects the latest (big?) update, like the current Menaphos one, and aligned to the images for recent updates that are already on the front page. In which case the colour would probably need to be changed to suit each image. It would definitely be nice to negotiate with Wikia the image being less blurred, too... Also, Superiosity's solution seems to me the best for the logo, maybe incorporating an RS Wiki badge like the Discord logo or the favicon. -- Cycloneblaze (user - talk - contribs) 17:51, June 13, 2017 (UTC)

Comment - It'd be nice if people with admin rights referred to this discussion before changing things xHR7zpA.png6encXAo.png 18:10, June 13, 2017 (UTC)

Comment - I actually like the current header by SevenEyes. As for the wordmark, we could probably use a logo like Max suggested and just have RuneScape Wiki as name. Willow tree Salix of Prifddinas (Talk) Prifddinas lodestone icon 18:11, June 13, 2017 (UTC)

Another option - I just suggested this idea on Discord. Looks kinda cool and keeps the RSW identity. Maximus Gugu of ArmadylQuick chat button: Your Friendly Neighborhood Artist. 18:38, June 13, 2017 (UTC)

Support - This^ Willow tree Salix of Prifddinas (Talk) Prifddinas lodestone icon 18:40, June 13, 2017 (UTC)
Support with a white background. xHR7zpA.png6encXAo.png 18:42, June 13, 2017 (UTC)
But blue is best colour ever!! =D Willow tree Salix of Prifddinas (Talk) Prifddinas lodestone icon 18:47, June 13, 2017 (UTC)
Blue vs White bg Maximus Gugu of ArmadylQuick chat button: Your Friendly Neighborhood Artist. 18:49, June 13, 2017 (UTC)

Comment - I asked Wikia if it would be possible at all to have nothing in the name so that we can just use our wordmark and then the header, and this was their response. xHR7zpA.png6encXAo.png 22:37, June 13, 2017 (UTC)

They've been refusing that since the demo was released some weeks ago. It's not a new stance. cqm 23:19, 13 Jun 2017 (UTC)

Comment - There is a substantial amount of white space at the top of the main page currently -- elements in {{RuneScape Wiki/Header}} may need to be enlarged? Ronan Talk 11:48, June 14, 2017 (UTC)

Support - The white thing with the fading image is pretty. If someone's up for it, would it be possible to take e.g. ten suitable FIMGs and make headers for each of those, displaying a random one through <choose>? Then the white background could be something more appropriate that fits them all, e.g. blue, though I think the currently suggested shade of blue is too intense. Otherwise, an image related to a recent large update is fine too.

As for External, I have no idea for a fix, but it should probably be implemented in Monobook too, where the current incarnation of External has never been visible in the first place. 18px-Avatar.png Fswe1 26px-Brassica_Prime_symbol.svg.png 06:46, June 15, 2017 (UTC)

No to white header - I don't think that looks distinct enough - the whole page becomes a big white expanse, even with an image. We're already quite simple with our designs so some distinction from the rest of the page is good. Similarly with the idea of a simple small logo - it's a decent suggestion but it would be nice to keep some element of flair via an image or more interesting font. The header text that has been thrust upon us is incredibly boring and our logo text is quite simple too so something like what Maximus has suggested could look very plain. --Henneyj 20:55, June 15, 2017 (UTC)

Comment - Wikia approved Iiii I I I's changes to MediaWiki:Common.js and {{External}} icons now show inline with the interlanguage dropdown menu, thus solving that issue. xHR7zpA.png6encXAo.png 14:49, June 18, 2017 (UTC)

Support current header - #438ab5 with an image, I don't particularly care which, but it should go with blue. The image should not change with each new update since the recent updates template already does that; showing the same image twice would be redundant, and the image will not always match the blue.
Strongly oppose white header - with Wikia's overly aggressive gradient the header image just looks washed out. There will be basically no color in the header as the dropdowns will also be white - it'll look unfinished and unimaginative. We have the ability to choose a color and background, so we might as well take advantage of it. --Iiii I I I 05:29, June 23, 2017 (UTC)

Comment - Do comments like this still work as a loophole? dis/**/play:none Bren.svg 11:43, June 23, 2017 (UTC)

Comment - I like the current blue with the runespan image. I'm also fine with having it changed based on recent updates more or less at admin discretion. I would like some kind of change with the logo/community name so that we don't have it yelling RUNESCAPE WIKI right next to each other. I like some of Maximus's suggestions of having a more basic wiki logo on the left and having the sitename to the right. Def prefer the color per fetus. 22px-Logo.svg.png22#.png 18:51, June 23, 2017 (UTC)

Closed - This has been inactive for a while now. As is typical with these kinds of threads, there is no clear consensus. The current header has some rough consensus in its current form (not including the logo), with the current blue color. Thus, these will be kept. As there is really not enough discussion to deal with the logo, that will stay. If there is strong support for a different logo, that should be addressed in a separate (and specifically only dealing with the logo) thread to help determine consensus. --LiquidTalk 15:07, June 28, 2017 (UTC)