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This article is about the dungeon. For other uses, see Forinthry (disambiguation).
Forinthry Dungeon
Kingdom Wilderness
Members area No
Main music Various Wilderness tracks
Levels 1
Strongest monster Revenant dragon
Dwarf multicannon Unknown Edit
Quests None
Inhabitants/Race Dragons, Demons and Undead
Forinthry Dungeon map
Click the map to view a larger version.

The Forinthry Dungeon is a very dangerous multi-way combat cave found in the Wilderness. It is a refuge for dragons, many kinds of demons and even the vicious Revenants after being forced underground by adventurers in the year 169 of the Fifth Age. The dungeon is named after Forinthry, which is the original name for the Wilderness. The dungeon is extremely dangerous because not only are the revenants a lot more powerful than their combat level suggests, the cave is also a PvP area. There are player killers who travel in teams and cause heavy damage quickly. Higher levels in members' worlds are known to use Smite or Soul Split to reduce your prayer points. So do not bring items you are not willing to lose. However, teamers will not head for other spots, possibly due to lack of people or profit of the items of the killed victim.


The dungeon can be entered via two different entrances.
File:Forinthry dungeon entrance.png
  • At level 17 Wilderness, east of the Bandit Camp and Dark Warriors' Fortress and west of the south-western Wilderness Volcano steps. A much safer spot, but if you are going to kill revenants, it will take a while to get there. Be sure to use Protection Prayers due to the Greater Demons and Hellhounds/Green Dragons, though that is not needed in F2P if heading the Green dragon way.
  • At level 31 Wilderness, south-south-east of the Bandit camp mining site, west of the Wilderness Volcano's north-western steps and east of the Forgotten Cemetery. There are two nearby wilderness obelisks (the ones at level 27 and 35 wilderness). This entrance is much more dangerous due to a prolonged period of time spent walking there, unless the player has 57 Woodcutting to create a Waka Canoe. Players should be aware of the fact that PKers tend to enter from this area, so the chances of getting killed is higher.

Entering from either entrance will lead you to a small area with single-way combat. As both entrances force you to walk through the Wilderness, one must be wary of Player Killers. However most Player Killers enter from the level 31 entrance so their group, depending on their combat level, can attack the desired target with the whole group.


Main article: Revenants
Revenant imp
Forinthry Dungeon is most known for the revenants who reside in the chamber to the north-east. As they have weakened in power since their banishment from the Wilderness, they can no longer freeze players or teleblock them. Their range is also a lot smaller, but their strength and accuracy are the same. A level 50 revenant about equals a level 150 "normal" enemy. Also, when below half of their life points they will heal about 1/10 of their total health until they are above half health again.

While healing, they continue to attack, making them dangerous because they are always attacking. This healing can make killing even a level 52 revenant pyrefiend last several minutes. The only way to deal with it is hitting higher than they are able to heal per strike at a fast rate. Thus, for higher levelled revenants, such as the Revenant Dark Beast, Knight, and Dragon, it is advised to go in a team. It's still possible with chaotic items to kill them by soloing, but the chances of dying are much higher.

Revenant map

A map with the revenants' locations labelled. Click to enlarge.

List of Revenants

There are 1 of each type of Revenant, except for the Revenant imp (2) and Revenant goblin


Bear in mind that any revenant of any combat level can attack you, unlike the time before their banishment.


It is strongly recommended you are of a high combat level (105+), because revenants can easily overwhelm and kill even level 100's in a few seconds without the proper equipment. Lower levels can attempt to kill the revenants, but they must be wary of other revenants and players. The walls around the room and the ruins will be your only defence from a relentless onslaught of attacks. If meleeing, a good luring tactic is to cast a weak spell or fire an arrow and then hide behind a wall, this will draw the revenant near you without attracting the attention of any others. After it is close, you can melee it without being piled by other revenants. It is advised to bring Jennica's ring (for better drops) and a forinthry bracelet (to make the revenants un-aggressive). Make sure that, if using a forinthry brace, you use the repel option as soon as you approach the revenant section. This will activate the special; revenants will hit 0's only for a minute and be un-aggressive for an hour. This timer only runs when inside the dungeon and is paused if you leave the dungeon by any means (including death). The forinthry bracelet's effect DOES NOT work in a F2P world.


If meleeing, it is suggested that you wear dragon hide armour as it is the best defensive armour to use because the revenants will typically use melee/magic and not their most accurate attack, range .



Ranged is a good tactic, as the very accurate rune crossbows are cheap and cheap bolts can be used. If praying from missiles and taking a distance, the revenant will only use magic. With black dragonhide, this should not hit very often. If it strangely does, it is recommended to use Protect from Magic, if used correctly, you won't get hit as hard from its ranged attacks

Revenant demon
. For free players, a Maple shortbow or longbow (sighted) with adamant arrows can be used with green dragonhide if needed. Players with low Magic levels SHOULD NOT attempt to use Ranged on them as this will lead to heavy hitting from the Revenants.


When maging, it is suggested you wear robes and use protect from missiles. Remember, since revenants can use melee, ranged, or magic, attacking from a distance will cause revenant to only use ranged or magic attacks (depending on your prayers). A cheap set-up is to bring 2 dragonhide armour pieces and a strong melee weapon, and use fire blast if possible. While having an inventory consisting of one prayer potion, and the rest of the space dedicated to any food of your choice. (Food above Trout is recommended).

Whenever revenant hunting in a group, it is more efficient to have someone with a high Defence level tank the selected revenant while the rest of the group attacks it. This saves weaker players from taking damage, and can make deaths less frequent. Be aware that the revenant can and will shift its aggression to other players (without a Forinthry brace), and that player killers can also appear at any time. The damage inflicted with magic is very low, and wasted runes will lead to loss of more profit.


The fighting strategy commonly referred to as one-iteming can be handy at the revenants. You must take only one good weapon (preferably melee so that it's only one item), such as a dragon dagger or abyssal whip, an Emergency teleport (Like Amulet Of Glory or Ring of Life, they work till 30 level wilderness) and perhaps some food (a few monkfishes for example). Staying at the southern entrance (level 28 wilderness) lowers your chance to get killed by players. Before you go, make sure to look at the Items Kept on Death screen. The most valuable item you take (the weapon) should be kept on death. By staying south and killing only revenant imps and goblins, you can stay a long time. Do not forget to use a charge of your forinthry brace! If a pk'ing clan approaches, try to get into the lobby and switch to another world. Attack NOBODY as you will become skulled and lose all your items on death. This method is relatively safe yet potentially very profitable as every revenant has the same drop rate for Corrupt dragon equipment, Ancient Warriors' Equipment, except strong revenants are more likely to drop corrupt dragon equipment. However, the problem for this is because some players will kill you with melee.


A Summoning familiar is extremely helpful when going to the dungeon alone. One that can heal (such as a Unicorn stallion) is very effective, though a combat one is also handy. The Fire titan is a good choice, as it can fight the opponent and has a special move that heals the owner 80 life points (they can also heal 80 over your max life points) and boosts defence. Beware however, as revenants can switch their attention to the familiar any time. They will hit primarily with their magical attack and extremely fast, 2-3 hits a second.

Valuable drops

Revenants are known for dropping unique, rare and expensive items such as pieces of corrupt dragon equipment, ancient artefacts, brawling gloves, and Ancient Warriors' equipment. Jennica's ring is confirmed not to increase the rate of these, but only regular drops such as the Amulet of Glory. Due to this however, during the double loot weekend, they were crowded for players hoping to get a double Vesta Longsword drop. Because of this, many players killed every type of Revenant there was (even the Revenant dragon and knight were killed), and there were many players on every world.


What happens if I get a rare item?

If you get a rare item, be sure to bank it as fast as you can due to the heavy amount of mages waiting to share part of the loot you had just collected. Run or teleport out, but remember that Player Killer groups may have a person equal to your Combat Level to teleblock/freeze you. If you have stackable items like Morrigan's Javelins, which are well worth in price, bank them because stackable items only save in 3 or 4 (if you use protect item, and 1 if you got skulled).

What happens if groups of Player Killers come?

What happens? Run or teleport out from the area. If they get you, you will mostly lose a lot of items such as food, potions and other valuables, so refrain them from getting out. You should have a one-click teleport (unless you can see them before they get you) to escape from them. Any attacks inflicted while in teleportation (such as Grand Seed Pod squishing), will be negated when you reach the teleport's destination.

The player killers are either mages or rangers, not meleers (due to the ice barrage issue). The killers will try to target those in armour more likely due to their expensive prices. If there are none available, they will target you because they think you have some sort of rare item for them to steal from you. If you get teleblocked with a rare item and other armour/weapons, you will lose most of your stuff like said above. However they won't get a lot of gold since the most expensive item you have will stay with you (unless skulled), and Revenants seem to drop random amounts of gold often, and the killer's spells usually cost more than the coins you had when you died.

If one comes, and attacks a well-suited Revenant slayer, the player who was attacked may kill the pker with items such as Dragon Claws or other powerful weapons. The attacked player may not pick any items up, so feel free to grab the items left behind.

Other Monsters

Ankous - (level 75)


Ankous can be found in the north-western section of the dungeon. As this is level ~30 Wilderness, it is advised to go to the Sepulchre of Death in the Stronghold of Security, where there are also numerous ankous. Crumble Undead and stab attacks work very well against Ankous. Safespots for rangers and halberdiers can be found at the eastern rift, where ankous are easily trapped. However, they are aggressive and you will likely be attacked by ankous while safespotting another one. They frequently drop high amounts of blood and death runes, as well as level 3 clue scrolls. There are 8 spawns of Ankous there, and it is not recommended to kill them there as it is a multi-way combat area, and PKers can arrive and loot your Blood and Death runes for their Ancient Magicks

Green dragons - (level 79)

Green dragons can be found in the south-east of this dungeon. Note that these are Members only, and although the area is accessible to F2P players, the dragons do not appear on F2P worlds. This is a good spot to rest up, eat (if you got attacked by other players), use potions, or just try to avoid other players and log out safely. Remember if you are a member be sure to bring an anti-dragon shield, dragonfire shield (if you are willing to risk one), or (super) antifire potions. The dragons can be safespotted from behind the rift in the northern part as well as from the four paths leading to them. Beware however, as these dragons are aggressive and the area is completely multiway combat. Although frequently visited by player-killing clans, most players level 90 or lower will be safe due to the clans mostly being of level 115+. If successful, however, they always drop dragon bones and green dragonhide, which sell for high prices on the Grand Exchange. There are 5 spawns of dragons there, and Protect from Magic is needed if there is no one killing them as you will be attacked by 3 dragons.

Lesser demons - (level 82)

Lesser demons can be found in the western/middle section, east of the ankous and west of the hellhounds. It is not recommended to fight them here, as there are safer spots, like Karamja Volcano. It is advised to bring an Accursed urn (or Infernal urn) to collect the ashes for extra Prayer experience. There is also a rift in the middle to trap the demons, but it is a multi-combat area. They can be acessed by turning left at the Hellhounds, or if coming from the level 31 area, go left and a path will split up. Take the left one to go to the Lesser demons.

Greater demons - (level 92)

Greater demons can be found in the south-western sector. You can fight more than one at a time since their location is in a multicombat zone. They can cause problems for those coming from the level 17 entrance. Also you will have multiple demons attacking you at once so it is recommended to use a melee protection prayer. They can be safely ranged or maged (recommended) when standing in one of the paths leading to them. If choosing the eastern one, make sure not to go too far and get in the attacking range of a green dragon. As with lesser demons, their drops are rather bad for their level and location. There are still some safespots if players are willing to range them. There are 9 spawns of Greater demons, and be aware that PKers might come every so and then, but the chances of that are very rare, even on member's worlds.

Hellhounds - (level 122)


Hellhounds can be found in the centre of this dungeon. You can fight more than one at a time since they are in a multicombat zone like the other monsters. You might find yourself under attack from a large amount at a time, and this can be very damaging. Use Protect from Melee or Deflect Melee to avoid this. They can drop level 3 clue scrolls, but no other items. This, along with the Wilderness Volcano, is the only place for free players to fight hellhounds. Members are advised to go to safer places, such as the Taverley Dungeon (or Taverley Dungeon resource dungeon). There is also a pit in the middle that you can use to safespot, but another hellhound might attack you while you are doing that.


  • You keep three items if you die, provided you do not initiate combat with another player. Also bear in mind that if you get attacked by other players and there is no way out, don't attack back and select the protect item prayer. You will save 4 items, unless your prayer runs out.
  • Remember that Corrupt dragon equipment degrades when worn; don't misclick.
  • Always wear Jennica's ring to improve drop rates. (Does not increase the chances of receiving Ancient Warriors' Equipment, Corrupt dragon equipment, Ancient Artefacts, or Brawling Gloves from revenants.) A Ring of life can save you, should you get piled by pkers, as clans of 20+ using Dark bows, Dragon claws, and other high-level 'spec weapons' can come out of nowhere. Assuming you are just within the level 30 area of the dungeon, a Ring of life will prevent death most of the time, but be aware that mages on the standard spellbook can cast Teleport Block to prevent this.
  • Ranged defence based armour like black dragonhide is very good, it is inexpensive, and helps protect against the Revenants' ranged attack.
  • Members should wear a charged amulet of glory, combat bracelet, or ring of wealth to teleport out of the cave as this jewelry allows you to teleport from up to level 30 wilderness when charged. However, this requires you to know the mages are here to kill you, and you must click your equipment slot, and by then, one of their mages in the group will have probably teleblocked you. The better but more expensive method is using the Grand Seed Pods, as damage the Player Killers do on you is negated, making them waste profit as well. However, a Grand seed pod is currently worth 10-12k, so it might not be a good idea to use it as it only contains one charge.
  • A Salve Amulet (e) can be used to gain a 20% Attack and Strength bonus on revenants if the player is willing to risk not having an amulet of glory equipped, however, a combat bracelet or ring of wealth can be worn and used to teleport up to level 30 wilderness as well.
  • Hanging at the bottom entrance can give you a lack of Revenants, as most seem to be in the upper level. Don't be fooled, because being frozen for 20 seconds will probably get you killed in that time, and in the pking clans, there's always someone that will be using Teleblock on you.
  • There will be occasional high level players who will fend off the teamers and possibly kill some of them before dying.
  • If there are a LOT of high level players who are killing Revenants, there can be enough to scare off a group of high levelled teamers due to the Revenant Killers range of weapons (godswords, dragon claws, barrow weapons, chaotic weapons, etc.)
  • Remember that all Revenants have the same drop table, so don't go for the higher level ones unless you can take them on. Higher level revenants will drop the rare item more often than their lower level counterparts.
  • Never take items you aren't protecting or are willing to lose, and be aware that should you get a high valued item as a drop, it may protect over some of your valuables. The cost of the item, depending on what it is though, might let you get that valuable again.


Forinthry Dungeon - Surok's hideout

Surok's hideout area can be viewed at the north entrance of inside caves

  • Revenants were originally the replacement for Pkers between 11 December 2007 and 1 February 2011. They could attack you depending on your combat level and depth in the wilderness (just as Pkers can today) as well as teleblock and freeze you.
  • The unique gear the revenants drops used to only be obtainable from PvP and Bounty Worlds which were removed when the old-style Wilderness was reinstated. The only other place to obtain such gear is the Chaos Elemental, but it is much riskier because the Chaos Elemental is more dangerous, resides in much deeper Wilderness and there is only one of them.
  • Despite the description of several monsters being "banished", you can still find them in the same places. (e.g. Ankous in the Wilderness Volcano)
  • Surok Magis's hideout can be seen from the northern entrance of the cave with a Orb of oculus.
  • From 00:00 UTC 12 November 2011 to 23:59 UTC 14 November 2011, there was an event where members could gain double loot from several dungeons, including the Forinthy Dungeon. This was part of Jagex's bot-busting celebration.

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