Summoning button
Summoning interface

The summoning screen for a summoning familiar.

Pet interface

The summoning screen for a pet.

The follower details interface displays information about a players currently summoned familiar or pet. It used to be a component of the interface control panel, but it was eventually replaced by Extras, which holds marketing items. The screen can now be reached via the Summoning globe on the action bar.

This screen is only available when a pet or familiar is actually in use.

Familiar features Function
Summoning special move
Special move bar
Shows when a familiar can use its special move.
Number of summoning points remaining
Summoning points left
Shows how many summoning points you have so that you can restore it as soon as possible.
Familiar time
Time remaining
Shows how much time is left before your familiar disappears.
Familiar attack button
Attack button
Allows familiar to attack a target in a Multi-combat area.
Cast button
Cast button
Casts a familiar's special move, provided the respective scroll is stored in inventory or headgear.
Call button
Call button
If a follower (familiar or pet) is restricted by obstacles, this button calls the follower to the player's side.
Renew familiar
Renew button
If a familiar's timer is running low you can use this button to renew the familiar's timer, provided that you have an unnoted pouch of the same type in your inventory. Renewing also heals a low health familiar.
BOB withdraw
Take button
If a familiar is carrying item(s), clicking the 'take' button will transfer them into the inventory, if there is enough room.
Dismiss button
Dismiss button
If the follower (familiar or pet) is no longer wanted, click this button and the follower will 'dismissed'. The right-click option, Dismiss now, dismisses the familiar without a confirmation screen.
Pet features Function
Familiar hunger meter
Hunger meter
Shows how hungry a pet is, so that it can be fed before running away.
Familiar growth meter
Growth meter
Displays, in the form of a percentage, the size of a pet and when they will grow into the next form.