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Not to be confused with rug.
Magic carpet routes map

A map of magic carpet routes

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Taking a carpet ride

The magic carpet is a mode of transportation in the Kharidian Desert. The magic carpet system is operated by rug merchants. Carpets can be used to travel to any unlocked destination for a fee of 1000 coins (except for travels from and to the monkey colony, which are free of charge). Completing the Rogue Trader miniquest reduces this cost to 500 and additionally wearing an activated ring of charos to 375 coins respectively. While riding on the carpet, the user will not regain run energy.


Magic carpet ride

A player riding a magic carpet

From Shantay Pass
Location Quest Required

Pollnivneach (North)

South Pollnivneach Do No Evil
Bedabin Camp The Tourist Trap

The Golem

Monkey Colony Do No Evil

From south of Pollnivneach

Nardah None
Sophanem Icthlarin's Little Helper


Icthlarin's Little Helper
Shantay Pass Do No Evil
Monkey Colony Do No Evil