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"Fly trap" redirects here. For the scenery, see Fly trap (NPC).
Fly trap seed detail

A fly trap seed is a Farming seed from which a fly trap can be grown at level 93 farming. It can be protected by paying a farmer 15 cadava berries. Harvesting grants an appropriate amount of Farming and Thieving experience, based on the player's Farming and Thieving levels and if the fruit is retrieved without taking damage from the flower.

At level 99 Farming and Thieving, the experience per harvest is 1,152 Thieving experience and 50 Farming experience. Only one fruit is harvested per allotment.

Players must plant 3 fly trap seeds per allotment.

Stage Description Image
1 The Fly trap seed has just been planted. Fly trap 1
2 The Fly trap has grown leaves and is longer. Fly trap 2
3 The Fly trap started growing the flower and gets more leaves. Fly trap 3
4 The flower gets bigger and even more leaves grow. Fly trap 4
5 The plant now grows a bigger mouth. Fly trap 5
6 The Fly trap is fully grown. Fly trap 6

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