For flowers grown in the Farming skill, see Flower seed.
Not to be confused with Bouquet.
Flowers (mixed) detail

Flowers are harvested after planting mithril seeds, and grow in many assorted colours with black and white being the rarest. Flowers can be wielded in the Weapon Slot, and are classified as a fun weapon in the Duel Arena. Any type of flower except black and white can be used in Summoning as a tertiary ingredient for infusing Praying mantis pouches. Yellow and blue flowers are needed for certain clue scrolls.

In the past red flowers were the third most expensive flower because they were the only flowers that could be used to make the praying mantis familiar. As of 3 March 2010, all types of flowers (excluding black and white) can be used as a tertiary ingredient for the praying mantis, so picking all flowers is a good idea for players wishing to train Summoning.

Obtaining flowersEdit

Mithril seeds are obtained after completing the Waterfall Quest and can also be bought from the Legends' Guild Shop of Useful Items at a price of 300 coins each, with a stock of 500 that replenishes slowly over time.

When planting the mithril seeds, players have an option to either pick the flowers to obtain the item, or to let them grow. Flowers that are left to grow will stay on the ground temporarily, for around 5 minutes. Players cannot pick these flowers, and they are always white when unpicked.

A bunch of flowers with the primary colour combinations (red, yellow, blue) can be bought from the Flower Girl on Miscellania for 15 coins each. Players can also possibly receive 9 red flowers from selecting the "Gamble" option when choosing rewards from the Soul Wars minigame, worth about 21,900 coins.

Types of flowersEdit

Icon Item Price Direction Low Alch High Alch Limit Members Details Last updated
Flowers (pastel)Flowers (pastel)1,896
40601,000P2P iconview7 hours ago
Red flowersRed flowers2,436
40601,000P2P iconview4 hours ago
Blue flowersBlue flowers1,854
40601,000P2P iconview8 hours ago
Yellow flowersYellow flowers1,455
40601,000P2P iconview2 hours ago
Purple flowersPurple flowers1,406
40601,000P2P iconview4 hours ago
Orange flowersOrange flowers1,400
40601,000P2P iconview5 hours ago
Flowers (mixed)Flowers (mixed)1,868
40601,000P2P iconview7 hours ago
White flowersWhite flowers13,205
4060100P2P iconview2 hours ago
Black flowersBlack flowers1,520
4060100P2P iconview8 hours ago

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