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Fletching crate (large) was removed from RuneScape after an update, but still exists in-game for those who had obtained it.
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Fletching crate (large) detail

A Fletching crate (large) is a possible prize from Treasure Hunter which contains fletching materials used to create shortbows. The type of reward is based on the player's fletching level and will provide more materials than the Fletching crate (small). It replaces the huge lamps of the corresponding type. During the weekend of 12 October 2012 and 25 January 2013, players had increased odds of winning this crate.

Possible contentsEdit

Fletching Level Rewards Amount Total XP earned
from Crate
Convert to Coins Value
60-69 Maple shortbow (u) 338 16900 120,000 112,554
Bowstring 338
80-89 Magic shortbow (u) 481 40019.2 320,000 352,573
Bowstring 481
90-99 Magic shortbow (u) 728 60569.6 600,000 533,624
Bowstring 728


  • The large fletching crate has a colour scheme that doesn't match the Fletching skillcape.