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A Fishing tome is a experience reward from the minigame, Temple Trekking. You can get one by taking one of the followers to Paterdomus or to Burgh de Rott. At the end, you will get a Reward token which you can exchange by clicking on the first option, Claim-reward. The Fishing tome grants Fishing experience once read. The colour of the tome depends upon the level of the reward token. A higher level reward token will give more Fishing experience.

Item Level Xp
Fishing tome (blue) Fishing tome (blue) Level 1 Random amount Fishing experience. (1100-1650)
Fishing tome (yellow) Fishing tome (yellow) Level 2 Random amount Fishing experience. (2035-3025)
Fishing tome (red) Fishing tome (red) Level 3 Random amount Fishing experience. (4015-5005)

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