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Fishing explosive detail

A fishing explosive is a Slayer item used for luring mogres out of the water. Mogres are often killed for flippers, but can only be killed after a player has completed the Mogre miniquest. The explosives must be "used" on any of the three "Ominous Fishing Spots" on the peninsula of Mudskipper Point, located south of Port Sarim. Using a Fairy Ring, you can access Mudskipper Point by dialling A•I•Q. The explosives can be bought from any Slayer Master.

After completion of Kennith's Concerns, super fishing explosives can be made, which deal 150 life points when a mogre comes out of the water.


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  • In the book Betrayal at Falador, it is revealed that fishing explosives are pieces of sodium metal contained in oil. Sodium, along with the other Alkali metals, is in fact known for its violent reactions with water.
  • Attempting to use a fishing explosive within two squares of an Ominous Fishing Spot causes your player to dubiously state, "If this thing explodes, I think I should stand a liiiiittle further away..."

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