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This article is about the minigame. For the music track, see Trawler (music track).
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This is a safe minigame.
If you die here, you will not lose any of your items.
Worlds Icon The official world for Fishing Trawler is world 116 (P2P).
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Fishing Trawler

Players participating in Fishing Trawler.

Fishing Trawler is a Fishing minigame run by Murphy that can be played at Port Khazard. Players need a minimum of level 15 Fishing to participate. Players board a trawler boat and try to prevent the boat from sinking as they are sailed for 12 minutes around the sea. Fishing Trawler was released 28 July 2003.

Getting to the Fishing TrawlerEdit

The fishing trawler is located in Port Khazard. There are several ways to get there:

  • Players on using the Lunar spellbook can use Khazard Teleport to teleport directly to Port Khazard.
  • Fairy ring code D•J•P is just north of Port Khazard.
  • All 4 types of the Ardougne cloak can teleport to the monastery, and Port Khazard is just a short run to the south.
  • The Watchtower Teleport spell or Yanille lodestone will get players to Yanille, from which they can run north-east to Port Khazard.

Playing the gameEdit

Fishing Trawler Guide

The rules.

Fishing trawler swimming

A player swimming after failing in the Fishing Trawler.

During the minigame players have to prevent the trawler from filling with water. Holes that cause leaks in the side of the boat can be filled using swamp paste. When water has leaked into the boat it can be bailed out using bailing buckets - regular buckets do not work. Additionally the fishing net must be repaired with rope when it gets torn. To do this, players should go on to the deck of the boat and inspect the net. While the net is ripped the trawler will not catch any fish. Players must have these items (swamp paste, bailing buckets and ropes) in order to be able to play Fishing Trawler effectively. The items must be purchased before starting the minigame, they are available at the Khazard General Store or from the Grand Exchange. It is recommended that players bring about 150 swamp paste, 10 bailing buckets and at least 10 ropes.

It is not possible to take a pet or familiar on board the fishing trawler, regardless of whether it is in an inventory or dropped on the ground. A message will appear saying, "What if it were to fall in the sea?" if a player attempts to board the fishing trawler with a pet or familiar.

During gameplay, a blue "water" bar will show how much water is in the trawler. If this bar becomes full the trip will fail and the trawler will crash. Players have to grab onto a piece of the boat's wreckage to be able to return to shore. They will arrive on the coast a short distance north of Port Khazard.

Successful teams will be returned to the Port Khazard dock where they can inspect the nearby trawler net to receive their rewards. The items awarded typically include raw fish as well as some junk items. Players also receive a small amount of Fishing experience. The type of fish caught depends on the player's Fishing level.

Fixing net

A player fixes the net.

Solo player strategyEdit

Very few people play Fishing Trawler, so players may frequently find that they are the only person aboard the trawler.

When playing Fishing Trawler alone players should bring ~ 150 swamp paste, ~ 12 bailing buckets and ~ 15 ropes.

When the game begins, the trawler will start to get holes in its sides. Players should click on the holes to fill them with swamp paste. As the game progresses, water will leak into the boat and will become visible to the player. When this happens players should use their bailing buckets to remove the water from the trawler while also continuing to fill leaks in the boat. Bailing reduces how much water is in the boat and filling holes prevents further water from entering the boat. It is possible for a single player to bail out more water than is entering the boat if there are up to 5 holes in the boat. If there are more holes than this, it is likely that the player will be overwhelmed by the amount of water that is entering the boat. Players should also be aware that once bailing buckets are full of water they must be emptied out the before they can be used to bail out water again and during this time water will continue to enter the ship if there are leaks. Players can check how much water is in the trawler by using at the blue "water" indicator bar in the minigame display.

Players who are using the Evolution of Combat combat system can use their action bar to quickly bail with and empty out their bailing buckets. An empty bailing bucket and full bailing bucket can be placed on the action bar and filled/emptied using adjacent key binds.

After the minigame has started the net will occasionally become ripped. When this happens players will be notified by a message in chat saying "The net has ripped!" and the net's status in the minigame display will change from O.K. to Ripped. When this happens use the southern ladder (the ladder at the end of the boat that does not have the winch) to go onto the ship's deck and inspect the net, a rope will automatically be used to fix the net. Players should prioritise fixing the net unless their water indicator bar is nearly full, as they will not receive rewards while the net remains ripped.

Multiple players strategyEdit

Playing Fishing Trawler with multiple players is much the same as playing the minigame alone. Players should focus on fixing holes and bailing out water to prevent the trawler from filling up with water. To work together most effectively players should fill leaks within a particular area of the trawler. For instance, one player may fill holes in the southern end of the boat while another may fill the holes in the northern end of the boat. One player should be responsible for fixing the net as it becomes ripped, this player should be positioned near to the southern ladder so that they can quickly access the deck. When playing Fishing Trawler with multiple people, players may wish to adjust the amount of items they bring. Players who are not fixing the net may wish to bring more bailing buckets, while players fixing the net may find it helpful to bring additional ropes.


Fishing Trawler Catch

The Trawler Catch, where players receive their reward.

If a player successfully completes a game of Fishing Trawler they can receive rewards by searching the trawler net. Rewards will include raw fish, some of which can only be obtained from the minigame:

In addition, players may also receive some 'junk' items:

If the ardougne cloak 4 is worn, junk items will be replaced by more valuable items, including oysters, opals, sapphires, buckets of sand, seaweed, silver ore and gold ore.

The type of fish received depends on the player's Fishing level. The Trawler-specific rewards of raw sea turtles and raw manta rays can be caught at level 79 and 81 Fishing. The amount of fish received is the same as the "Total catch" number displayed during gameplay, divided by the number of players who were playing the minigame. A solo player can typically catch ~20 fish in one game.

On occasion, player may also come across rarer, untradeable items:

  • Shimmering shell, which offers extra Fishing experience upon a successful trawl to 10 people, including yourself, which favors clanmates over strangers.
  • Glistening shell, which also offers extra Fishing experience upon a successful trawl, but for just yourself.
  • Shark tooth, a rare item that requires 5 of such to create a shark's tooth necklace.

Rewards can be banked from the rewards interface: drag the items onto the picture of the deposit box in the interface to send them to the bank. Alternatively, fish can be collected and deposited into the deposit box which is just south of the net.

Checking the trawler net will also award the player with a small amount of fishing experience. A player with level 99 Fishing will receive approximately 1-3k Fishing experience per successful trip. The amount of Fishing experience a player gains is equal to 40 percent of the experience they would receive from fishing their total catch by normal fishing methods. For example, each swordfish caught will give 40 experience rather than the normal 100.


  • For a long time, work was not necessary on the trawler. Many players were unhappy that work was not necessary to get rewards. As long as they were on a boat that did not sink, a player received fish. These people were known as freeloaders or lords (due to the fact many called workers "serfs" or "peasants"). Freeloading has been removed with the addition of an activity bar that boots you out if you do not work. They are similar in concept to the 5000 damage minimum in the Pest Control minigame.
  • On 16 June 2009, an activity bar was placed to battle freeloaders, similar to Soul Wars. This has had mixed reviews. Many are happy about the ending of freeloading, but many are dissatisfied about how quickly the activity bar depletes. This leads to what many describe as a race to fill holes and bail as not to be kicked off. Many other players are unhappy because they normally only bailed, now the activity bar depletes before they can bail enough to stay on. Some believe the activity bar depletes quickly because Jagex wanted to turn the Fishing Trawler into more of a competitive minigame and less of a teamwork minigame. Players have also criticised the bar as kicking off innocent players on crowded boats who cannot find any work to do due to the large amount of people.
  • During an update, the minigame was updated to stop people from using High Level Alchemy and Humidify during the game.

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