Sarah's fireplace
Release date Varies (Update)
Members Some
Quest Unknown edit
Location Varies
Examine (Unlit) You can light a fire here.

(Lit) A fire burns steadily in the grate.
ScapeRune fireplace

The fireplace in the Prison Pete event

Fireplaces are interactive scenery items found inside many buildings in RuneScape. The fireplace can be used like a camping fire to cook any meat, fish, or seafood and carries the same burn rate as a regular fire.

While the fire in the fireplace remains always lit, it does not allow players to bake or cook food that requires a range such as bread, stews, cakes, pies or pizzas, as it is counted as a normal fire.

Players can also build a clay fireplace, stone fireplace, or a marble fireplace in their homes using the Construction skill at levels 3, 33, and 63 respectively, and can light them with logs and a tinderbox. Using logs on these fireplaces grants Firemaking experience equivalent to normally burning the logs, but the fire lasts longer.

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